When you’re balancing your options for home extensions, you should consider renovating your conservatory, as it can pay you huge dividends in the long run. Generally, upgrading the conservatory is less expensive than creating an extension from scratch. Further, making changes to the conservatory to improve its usability won’t require additional building permits, which may delay the construction process.

The only thing that hinders your plan is the roofing system of the conservatory. Most of the time, the conservatory roofs are made of glass or polycarbonate which renders the space incredibly cold in winter and too hot in summer.

You may not be able to enjoy it as much during extremes of temperatures. Moreover, many home buyers may see it as a problem instead of a valuable component of the house. If you’re looking for someone who specialises in conservatory roofing, check out www.projects4roofing.co.uk.

Turn Your Conservatory into an Enjoyable Space for All Seasons

So, what should you do to ensure the maximum usability of your conservatory? The following suggestions may help.

Provide adequate shading to your conservatory

In summer, this quiet, beautiful space can turn into a greenhouse because of the glass doors, windows, and roofs. You can minimize this issue by providing adequate shading by putting up blinds on the windows. In winter, these blinds also offer some warmth to the room, thus serving a dual purpose.

Planting deciduous trees around the conservatory also provides some summer shading. During the cold months, however, these trees allow some amount of sunlight to enter the room, thus keeping it warm.

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Apply cooling films on the windows

The cooling films are meant to reflect the sun’s UV rays, thus protecting the rooms and their residents from the adverse effects of the same. This is quite an effective solution to keep the room usable during extremes of temperature in summer and prevent the furnishings from fading away in the excess light.

Most large houses and commercial spaces can benefit from the cooling films that regulate the temperature inside the conservatory without hindering the flow of natural light through the windows. You can also install cooling fans inside the space to increase its usability in summer.

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Replace the glass roofs with tiled ones

This is, yet another amazing idea to make your conservatory equally enjoyable through all seasons. By replacing the glass or polycarbonate roof with a tiled one, as suggested by the experts at Direct Roofing Systems for temperature regulation, you can increase insulation and make it apt for all seasons. Don’t think it will spoil the appearance, as you’ll get several shades and styles of tiled roofs to match your home exteriors.

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Install air conditioning in your conservatory

A convenient way to regulate the temperature in your conservatory is by installing an air conditioning system. Make sure you invest in a product that offers both heating and cooling to make the room suitable throughout the year.

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Keep the windows open to maintain airflow

A simple trick, but it may prove quite effective, especially during the months. Proper air circulation in the rooms can reduce the temperature to a great extent. It will also provide you with a space to enjoy some fresh air in the morning or after sunset.

You may also consider installing sliding, patio doors for proper ventilation inside the conservatory. However, if your conservatory has trickle vents installed, air circulation shouldn’t be a problem.

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Install radiators for the winter season

If the room gets too cold during winter, you can think of installing a portable radiator to keep it warm. You can also consider underfloor heating solutions that may either heat the room by circulating hot water beneath the conservatory floor or by heating pads of electric filaments.

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Paint the walls with cool shades

Apply pastel shades on the walls to exude a sense of coolness during the hot summer months. It’s one of the most cost-effective and natural ways to keep the space cool. You should also place eco-friendly furniture, like the ones composed of bamboo or rattan, to create a natural essence in the entire room.

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Install heat-reflective glass windows

This special glass is meant for conservatories and other house extensions to withstand the heat of summer. They are also quite effective in keeping the space warm during winter by preventing the heat from escaping. In functionality, you can say that they are pretty similar to the cooling films mentioned earlier.

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Wrapping it up

Turning your conservatory into a home extension can be an affordable renovation project, provided you take the necessary measures to make the space suitable for all seasons. While putting up cooling films and installing air conditioners or heat radiators will solve your problem to some extent, the best option will be to replace the roofing system through a company like Solicon® Conservatory Roofs.

This is because, no matter how much you try to regulate the temperature of the room near the ground, the glass roofs can counter all your efforts by heating (or cooling) up space beyond moderate levels. Replacing the glass with a solid roofing system will both resolve your temperature issues and enhance the appearance of your conservatory.

It’s now for you to decide what option you’ll go for.