You may have already read My Unique Home’s suggestions for creating the perfect sleep sanctuary, which included finding the best mattress for your body’s sleep needs. There’s one thing that wasn’t included on that list that I thought should be to help you get the best sleep possible – the air quality.

You may not realise it but having high-quality air in your sleeping space can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one. If the air is stagnant, full of pollen, or high in carbon dioxide, you won’t be getting the best sleep you possibly can. In fact, you’ll have more trouble getting to sleep, and you’ll wake up more often during the night.

So, how can you improve the air quality in your bedroom? Here are a few simple things to try in your space.

Add Plants

Plants don’t only look lovely and add life to the room – they also help filter the carbon dioxide in your room. Less carbon dioxide = more oxygen = better sleep. It’s just science.

However, not all plants are created equal when it comes to carbon dioxide filtration. Some plants, particularly fast-growing ones, do better than others.

Here are some of the plants that do particularly well at filtering the air:

  • Peace Lily

  • Lavender

  • Gardenia

  • Spider Plant

  • Valerian

You can place these plants anywhere in your room. Many of them, like the Ivies, ferns, and violets, will do well in a hanging basket, while others like the gardenia or lilies will do better in a pot on a surface like a floor or on a dresser.

3 Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Room and Sleep Better

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Open the Window

When it comes to air circulation, the best thing you can do is have a clear entry and exit for the air you want in your space. That means that you need to have your doors and windows open as much as possible.

Now, this can lead to added distractions in the room if you live somewhere where there’s likely to be noise outside of your bedroom, so keep that in mind. You’ll also need to do a little more work to regulate the temperature in your bedroom, which you can do with the next tip!

Choosing New Windows
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Turn on a Fan

That’s right. Turning on a fan will force the air to circulate and make sure that the air around you is as fresh as possible. It’ll help keep your bedroom feeling cool while wicking away sweat.

Air Condition
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Air Out Your Mattress

If you decide to purchase a new mattress, which you should be doing every 5 to 10 years, you may have chosen one that had a distinctly chemical smell to it when you opened the package. That’s because the foam mattresses expand once they are out in the open air. The chemicals released are called off-gassing. You should make sure to air out your mattress as much as possible, with fans on and windows open, to make sure that you aren’t breathing in those gases.

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