Plants are important. In fact, they’re essential to all life on our planet. So why is it so many of us have homes without any plants in them? 

In today’s world, we’re exposed to airborne pollutants more than ever before. If you live in a city, you’re at even more risk due to increasing emissions and industrial activity. Plants are natural air purifiers and are also attractive. 

Adding plants to your home can solve two issues. They can breathe actual fresh air into your house, which can improve our health and they can be used to transform your decor with their big, bright and visually appealing shapes and sizes. 

Using plants as part of your decor can help to modernise your home, add a touch of nature and really lighten rooms up.

How Plants Can Breathe Fresh Air Into Your Home Decor

Filling Large, Awkward Spaces

Do you have awkward spaces in your home? Maybe a big dark corner here or there that isn’t of much use for anything? These types of places are an excellent location for big indoor planters containing large plants that thrive in low light. 

Snake plants with their long green leaves and a bright yellow rim that reach up high are perfect for the job. They’re incredibly easy to maintain and thrive in poorly lit areas but also give off stunning silhouettes.

Breaking Up Huge Rooms 

If you have a large open-plan room or loft, you could benefit from introducing a big indoor plant that dominates the spot, but subtlety works itself into the aesthetic of the room. Big areas with lots of room need something to break up the colour scheme. 

Plants with broad and flat leaves such as Elephant Ear are great for this job. Elephant Ear gives off a yellow tinge when exposed to unnatural light, which makes for an exciting colour scheme

You’ll need big indoor planters for your large open spaces and they’re well worth it as they gain a lot of interest and help to make your space more appealing to the eye.

Empty Space Next to the Windows

There’s only one thing to do with a large empty space by a window; put in a Fiddle-Leaf Fig tree. Not only are they absolutely stunning, but they help round out the room, and their big leaves thrive in sunlight. 

Fiddle-Leaf Fig trees have a long and thin trunk and the large leaves only come out around the top of the tree. This means they won’t overload a room and can add a spark to both traditional and contemporary decor schemes. 

The Dull Room

We all have that one room that just feels a bit dull. Maybe you live in an old building with a lonely, spare room, or your house has one of those odd rooms with a tiny window. This type of room needs a serious splash of colour. 

There’s no better plant for this job than Dieffenbachia. You may not recognize the name, but you will undoubtedly recognize the plant. It has stunning, broad, waxy green leaves that look like someone has splashed yellow paint all over them.

Dieffenbachia can add a slice of contemporary art to any room, especially dull rooms, as they do well with little to no light and they’re excellent air purifiers. 

The Winter Home

If you happen to live in an area of the world where the weather is mostly gloomy, you may want to consider bringing the sunshine into your home with tropical house plants. Most notably, the grand Dracaena tree, which looks a bit like a palm tree.

Dracaena is a head-turner and one of those plants your guests can’t help complement when around for dinner. This plant is popular as it lives a long time with minimal maintenance and is visually appealing in almost any spot you decide to place it. 

Next to the Bathtub or Shower

A bathroom should be a place of peace, quiet and relaxation. It’s where you can unwind, switch off and just forget about the world’s problems for a while. Adding plants, which are proven to evoke feelings of calm and help reduce symptoms of stress, to your bathroom, can benefit both your health and the decor.

The Boston Fern is a bathroom favourite among many. It’s luscious, green leaves offer both a dazzling splash of colour as well as some texture. 

They’re also great in indoor hanging planters that you can put up over the shower or bathtub. Due to their textured leaves, they create the illusion of falling water, as if you were bathing under an actual waterfall. 

Plants in the bathroom can help to transport your mind into a place of peaceful nature, even if you’re living in a big and noisy city. 

Plants are truly wonderful things with the ability to both add colour and texture to your home, break up large spaces and even improve your health. Be creative and enjoy the process of bringing a slice of nature inside your home. 

How Plants Can Breathe Fresh Air Into Your Home Decor