If there is one thing we love, it is finding an object or an item of clothing that just screams “us”. Finding a personal style is exactly that, personal. And, part of the fun is finding how different characteristics of trends, fashion or unique styles fit into our lives and how we can mix and match to create something that feels true to us, our personalities, and the images we want to display. 

Style can be infused in many forms, such as the interior of our houses or the different clothes we wear, and so with this in mind, this piece will discuss some tips on how you can find your own personal style in these two areas!

How to Find Your Personal Style

Why Does Personal Style Matter? 

Personal style is important as it doesn’t only have an impact on the way we are perceived, but it also affects how we feel about ourselves. If we wear something we are uncomfortable in, it will show like a flashing neon light. If we wear something an item that makes us feel great about ourselves, then that can change our entire demeanour for the better, and who would not want that? 

Personal Style and Clothing

Choosing a personal style of clothing can be difficult as there are so many choices available. From trending pieces in fashion to old-school vintage or charity shop finds, it is hard to know where to begin when you are trying to create a style that is perfect for you. There are some extremely simple tips to follow to get you started, such as knowing your body type, which can change what pieces might suit you and how they fit on your body.  

Think about what colours suit you – and what your favourite staple pieces might be – and then invest in them. Quality over quantity is always an excellent indicator when deciding on whether to buy an item of clothing or not, as quality pieces will last much longer. If you need some inspiration for colours or designs that could suit you, try reading blogs on sites like Ten10 Apparel for some advice and ideas.

Dont be afraid to start mixing and matching different styles and find clothes that will pair well with each other for an effortless way to get dressed.    

Personal Style Within the Home

Unlike clothing, personal style within the home can be a bit trickier as interiors can require much larger changes than say, a t-shirt. However, there are some minute changes that can be made before the bigger ones to infuse your personal style within the home. One of the vital things you need to do when finding a personal style within the home is not to rush! It is easy to want to jump straight in and pick out a brightly coloured bowl because it is new and exciting, but take your time!

Search Pinterest for inspiration and take it from as many different styles as you like.

Using this inspiration, create a vision board that can help you visualize what you would like each room to look like. Another top tip is to go around your home and pay attention to the spaces and how the rooms are laid out.