Transform your home’s outer space with these flawless ideas!

How often do splendid home exteriors make you stop and turn back? Now imagine people doing that after looking at yours. Does that sound amusing? Now think of yourself being seated on the patio with shade and sipping coffee on a bright sunny day, and admiring the beauty of your backyard. Isn’t that a great […]

5 Warning Signs Of Spider Infestation Homeowners Must Know

Australian homeowners struggle with common household pests, and spiders are among these. While most species are harmless, they are bound to scare you because of stories about venomous bites. You will probably shudder at the sight of one clinging to your bedroom ceiling, scuttling around the kitchen floor, or resting comfortably in its web in […]

Spring Update on a Budget

Spring has sprung and as the outdoors start to brighten up, it’s time to lighten up the indoors as well. Here are five easy-on-the-wallet things you can do to revitalise your decor this Spring season: Buy Flowers Nothing says spring like fresh tulips, Easter lilies and crocuses. Treat your home to several flower arrangements and […]

62 ways to add colour to your home

Play Up Your Focal Point | Paint one wall a peppy Kelly green and position a sofa up against it. Organise the Fragiles | Display your margarita glasses by colour. See how much easier it will make your next cocktail party! Hang Some Inspiration | Accept this window of opportunity to hang a fire-engine red […]


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