5 insider tips for staying cool in a heatwave

The experts at PlumbNation have revealed the best ways to keep cool in your home this summer, as well as top tips on getting a great night’s sleep in the sweltering heat. 1. Keep your curtains closed and windows shut… Keeping the sun’s heat out of your home is key to keeping it nice and cool, […]

How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive in a Heatwave

With temperatures rising across Europe, don’t let the soaring summer heat bring an end to your indoor jungles with these helpful tips by Naturebyletterbox.co.uk. The UK didn’t used to be known for its heatwaves, but we’ve quickly gone from ‘it’s the hottest summer since 1928’ to ‘it’s the hottest summer on record since last year’. […]

12 Easy Ideas for Summer Decorating

When the sun comes out and the mercury rises it’s time to get rid of the heavy winter décor and lighten up your indoor spaces. There are plenty of quick and easy changes you can make that will brighten up your interiors and lift your spirits. Check out these easy summer decorating ideas that are […]

Looking For An Indoor Furniture Sale? We Got You

Spring is a time of change, not just for the nature around us but also for ourselves too! There is genuinely no better season to start your journey of regeneration and improvement. Indeed, what better period to thrive in than the one where everything around you blooms? But to get the blooming process to start, […]


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