If you are going on Google search engine and typing CCTV drain survey near me, then we might have some insights for you. Depending on your drainage system and the company you hire, the price can vary by a large margin. There are many factors to look for when trying to figure out the final price of your CCTV drain survey. Let’s discuss some of the key factors which determine the cost of a CCTV drain survey, and then we shall get into some rough estimates for a CCTV drain survey.

How Much Does It Cost For CCTV Drain Inspection

What Is Included In A CCTV Drain Inspection?

  1. Opening your drain and running a camera through the drain.
  2. Visual checking of the drain
  3. Assembling back the drain, once the inspection is completed
  4. Use of great technology
  5. Final report for the client to view

The whole process should cost 200 up to 2,000-pound sterling, let’s talk about the factors which determine the price.

How Long Is The Drainage System?

The price will depend on how long the drainage system is, as the longer it is, the more they have to inspect. If you have a shorter drainage system, the cost won’t be as much. If you live in a small home or a flat, then you should not expect to pay a lot of money for your inspection. But there is no guarantee that the inspection would be cheap based on your home size, as some drainage system can be larger or just complicated to inspect regardless of the home size.

The Cost Of Cleaning The Drain

If during the inspection they happen to find any clogs, then the company you hired for inspection will clean out the blockage and that could cost an additional 200-500 pound sterling. The cost of the cleaning will depend on how much there is to clean, and the working hour required. If it’s just an item stuck in the drain like a ring or necklace, it should not cost any additional money besides the inspection cost, but if there is a more severe blockage, then the price can go up from there.

Line Replacement

If your drain is completely out of order, then you will have to replace the drain. The whole cost of replacement can be 5,000-pound sterling. Keep in mind that this scenario is unlikely, but it could happen if you have very old plumbing or you haven’t taken care of your drain. If you have a fairly new home, then you need not worry about the replacement, but if you live in an older home with older moving parts, then line replacement is very likely.

Final Verdict

A CCTV survey can cost you as little as 200-pound sterling or it can be as expensive as 7,000-pound sterling if you need line replacement. We can’t give you an exact price for your specific inspection, so make sure to getin touch with a professional and have your drain inspected if you are concerned. It is much better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to take care of your drainage before it gets further damaged and cost you more to repair.