Even the simplest drainage issue can result in a more significant problem over time, and if you think you have an issue with your drains but aren’t quite sure about what signs to look for, you need to arm yourself with some know-how so you can determine what is causing the problem. Unfortunately, determining this is easier said than done, especially if you aren’t what would be classified as a DIY expert. One thing’s for sure, however: if you try to ignore the signs of a drainage issue, this can become costlier to repair or fix. We’re not just talking about money, either – we’re also talking about the time it would take to resolve the issue. So what should you look out for to know for sure if you have a drainage issue?

How You Can Really Know if You Have a Problem with Your Drains

Here’s how you can really know if you have a problem with your drains.

• The water drains too slowly

One of the first signs of a drainage problem or issue is if the water drains too slowly. Whether the water drains too slowly in the sink, toilet, shower, or bath, this could be a symptom of a blockage in the drainage system. Another potential reason would be a pipe that has collapsed. You can sometimes resolve a blockage with the method of drain jetting, but if you have a pipe that’s collapsed, it would need repair. In this instance, you may need to get in contact with a professional so they can carry out a CCTV survey on your drainage system.

Here’s another thing to remember: if the problem is in only one of your drains, the issue may become resolved in time. But if all your drains are clogged or backed up, you may have a sewer drain issue. Any blockage in the drain lines can hold wastewater in the pipe network, and this can fill the manhole with both new and old rubbish or blockage. In certain cases, the sewer can overflow, and wastewater will then flood the surface – and you wouldn’t want this at all.

• There is an unpleasant odour

Of course, if there is an unpleasant odour coming from your drains, this could very well be another sign of drainage issues. One or more clogged drains can emit very unpleasant smells, and drains (especially in the kitchen) can be blocked due to food debris. As the food decomposes, this will produce a bad and unpleasant smell, and the smell can get worse once you turn on the taps. If you have tried to clean the pipe, but the smell is still there, this may be a sign of a collapsed or a damaged pipe in the system. To determine this, you need a drain survey with the use of CCTV as well.

• A gurgling or bubbling sound

Yet another sign of a drain issue is a gurgling or bubbling sound coming from your drains. Gurgling sounds can also come from plug holes, pipes, and toilets, and this may mean that there is air trapped inside the drain which escapes as soon as the water runs through it. It is usually a combination of grease and dirt which can cause the gurgling or bubbling sound, especially as it builds up. Once it builds up, the water may drain too slowly, and air bubbles can’t go through the system’s pipes, becoming expelled at a vent, and this can cause the noise.