Most people today have no idea what the difference is between modern interior design and contemporary interior design. That is mainly because these 2 terms are often interchangeably used. Casual observers will rarely distinguish differences that exist when comparing the styles. The good news is that there are not many things that you have to remember. You have two styles that are similar and normally bring in similar results.

Contemporary Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design has its main roots in the mid and early twentieth century. There is an emphasis that is put on interior decoration use that is sparing, clean lines and a deliberate asymmetry present in building design. The home that is modern will usually use a neutral colour palette and white walls. Colour pops are occasional and are normally used only for contrast purposes.

A modern home usually has open floor plans. You can easily see large windows, normally uncurtained in order to invite natural light. We basically see an interior design style that has an elegant simplicity, with the modern furniture being raised in order to maintain the interior space open feeling.

Contemporary Interior Design

The truth is that it is quite hard to completely describe contemporary interior design. Many interior design specialists argue about the term and some say that this is not a design type. Such people believe that we are faced with simply using those interior design elements that are very common when the home is decorated. To make matters even more complicated, there is an overlap between modern and contemporary interior design elements.

Similarities And Differences

In contemporary interior design, you will often find similar floor plans, high ceilings, natural surface use and large windows as with modern design. The difference stands in the fact that the contemporary home will normally have an emphasis that is put on a natural material. The modern design will normally include industrial-like materials like concrete or steel. Most of the modern designs will be linear and the contemporary approach tends to include a softer look that is offered through curved features.

Home Tipsor Blog highlights that modern and contemporary designs both resemble each other through clutter-free and clean aesthetics. Contemporary décor will normally use more colors and we tend to see unique textiles or furniture pieces included for an eclectic flair. Modern design brings in a sleek minimalism while contemporary interior design will incorporate elements that are particular to the style sense of the homeowner.

At the end of the day, what is important is ending up with a home that is appreciated and loved by the owner. This basically means that it does not really matter what official label is added to the design of one’s home. What counts the most is ending up with something that is really appreciated.

Both modern and contemporary design styles are very popular at the moment. It is common that one is seen as another but true interior designers will be able to easily differentiate between the two, based on the general aspects mentioned above and other things that can be considered.