Have you recently switched to a remote working role but find that your home isn’t necessarily set up to be the perfect office environment? Don’t despair, as there are plenty of alternative desk solutions which will allow you to work from home more comfortable and fit your available space.

4 Alternatives To A Traditional Office Desk

Rethink your home office with these four alternatives to a traditional desk!

Sit-stand desk

A sit-stand desk enables you to change between sitting and standing by adjusting the height of your work platform. Research has shown that standing up for some of your working days is much better for your overall health than sitting down all day.

By browsing a sit stand desks UK range, you’ll notice that there are a variety of styles to suit your existing deco, available space and budget. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing one:

  • The desk should be suitable for sitting and standing. Just as sitting down all day is bad for you, standing up all day can be bad too.
  • High-quality materials are used to guarantee durability.
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If you’re used to sitting down for eight hours a day, adjust to your new desk slowly by standing for short periods initially and gradually increase how long you stand for.

Fold-out desk

A fold-out desk is perfect for compact spaces as it is mounted to your wall. This style of desk is also modern and stylish, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with your home décor.

A fold-out desk is also lightweight and easy to fit into your wall, which means you can easily re-mount it to another wall in your house if you need to. When not being used as a desk, your fold-out space can also be used for other tasks such as holding a vase or a candle.

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Floating desk

If you don’t have much spare space in your home, it can be difficult to find an area to get your work done. Having a dedicated workspace is important for productivity levels.

The biggest benefit of a floating desk is that you save a lot of valuable floor space around your home office set up. Maximise your extra floor space by using boxes to store all of your office essentials.

A floating desk has a sleek, modern design which many people find to be aesthetically appealing. It is also much more durable than using a shelf.

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Foldaway desk

Are you limited to space in your home office? Instead of hunching over your laptop on the bed or over the dining room table, invest in a space-saving alternative. A foldaway desk is a perfect solution for tight spaces without compromising the quality of your workspace. You can also easily move it to a different room if you need to as they are lightweight and easy to set up.

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Each of the options on this list is ideal for working in a compact environment, yet still, make it easy for you to separate your work and home lives. Why not browse for a new desk solution today?