Simplify the Process of Buying Windows

Windows take the brunt of nature’s sometimes harsh elements and like any other item in your home, they can begin to show unsightly signs of wear and tear. Selecting the perfect windows can be an enormous task to take on, and many of us avoid the issue – until it’s staring us in the face when we leave for work in the morning.

With a great deal to consider, from materials to glazing options, we’ve created this guide to take you through the steps needed to help you select high-quality products like vinyl siding High Point, that stand the test of time and transform the appearance of your home!

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10 Points You Should Consider When Choosing New Windows

Top Benefits of New Windows

Although we may rarely think about it, windows serve many purposes, they let in sunlight, organically heat our homes and provide all-important ventilation – life could get pretty stuffy without windows, not to mention the rise in vitamin D deficiency!

Most modern windows will provide these benefits, but not all windows are made equal, the level of security, energy efficiency and noise reduction varies depending on the type of window you select.

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Improving Your Home Security

Window suppliers understand how important security is for peace and mind, this is why security is considered throughout the entire process – from manufacturing all the way to installation. In order to provide the most protection for your home, consider products which adhere to the ‘Secured by Design’ scheme, a police initiative which aims to reduce crime by enhancing physical and home security, also look out for products which are highly certified by the British Standard Institute.

Windows with these accreditations will provide an elevated level of safety through the use of high-quality technology, such as reinforced materials, force-resistant glass and window joint welding.  Window security is an important consideration for many of us, with protecting our families, homes and valuable possessions being a priority when looking for new windows.

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Saving You Money with Energy Efficiency

Replacing your old windows in favour of new more energy-efficient ones will not only reduce your carbon footprint but can also keep those energy bills down! How much can be skimmed off your energy bill is wholly dependent on the energy grading of your new windows ( A++ – E) and the type of home you own. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a singularly glazed home could save up to £105-£110 each year by converting to A-graded double-glazed windows.

Greater energy efficiency is achieved by reducing heat loss through windows and boosting their insulation effectiveness – helping you keep your home warm and toasty without much effort. Windows that the British Fenestration Rating Council has graded are tested using U -values. These measures how well your windows work at reducing air leakage, heat loss and retaining thermal energy.

Energy-efficient windows provide a win-win solution by contributing to making your home more comfortable at a lower economic and environmental cost. If you find yourself considering the idea of energy-saving windows, you may want to be looking for energy-efficient double glazed windows in Perth, or somewhere more local to your area.

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Making Your Home Quieter with Noise Reduction

Busy road keeping you up at night? New windows can help you keep 90-95% of those nuisance sounds at bay. Sounds enter our homes through various sources, common culprits include noise from cars, aircraft and neighbours. Consistent bombardment of these noises can not only be extremely irritating but in some circumstances, can negatively impact your health.

The degree of soundproofing achieved differs depending on the window you choose; some options include double glazing and secondary glazing. Homeowners who choose to soundproof their homes using new windows benefit from making their homes more attractive to potential buyers if they ever decide to sell.

Why You Might Need New Windows

With so many different windows on the market, all of which provide a diverse range of benefits, an important step in choosing windows which work wonders is having a clear idea of what problems you’d like your windows to tackle.

Draught –  A constant draught can cause serious discomfort, old, improperly installed or poorly maintained windows can lead to cold air seeping into your home. Extra glazing can help ensure your window glass is snugly fitted to your frames.

Rotting Wood – Rain is unavoidable, but rotting window seals are. Water damage to your windows can not only cause rot but can also create dampness within your home! Choose to nip this problem in the bud by converting over to PVCu windows and you might save a pretty penny.

Faulty Windows – Windows which are difficult to open and close are not only bothersome but can also suggest vulnerability. Get a health check of your windows to find out if they may need replacing.

High Energy Bills – The reality of eye-watering high heating bills, is enough to prompt many people to finally upgrade their windows to a more energy-efficient type.

Modernisation – Many people choose to replace their old windows simply to modernise the look and feel of their homes – and also add value to their property!

Pinpointing the problems you’d like to solve can go a long way in helping you find a suitable replacement windows option from a company like Renewal by Andersen Modesto.

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Knowing Your Window Options

Choosing a window style is a crucial step when considering purchasing new windows and replacing the ones you currently have. Windows make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your home and more importantly how you feel about the way your home looks. You’ll receive the best results from your new windows, by selecting glass and frames which complement the style and architecture of your home, whilst also being functionally practical.

Window Frame Materials


PVCu is the most common material used for window replacement, not only is the material cheaper than timber and aluminium alternatives, it also has fantastic insulation abilities for heat and against sound. Durable and long-lasting, high-grade PVCu provides excellent security for your home, with little or no maintenance.  PVCu provides a host of benefits, however, in terms of style fluidity for traditional homes, PVCu may not always be the best aesthetic choice.

As window technology has improved over the last 30 years since PVCu windows came into popularity, the material is now functionally suitable for most homes in the United Kingdom.

Timber & Wooden Windows

Wooden framed and timber windows are classic, classy and timeless, they can give your home a certain charm that will make your neighbours envious. Wooden and timber windows are also functionally beneficial, homeowners who choose wooden frames are protected against heat loss and external sound. A level of upkeep is needed when selecting wooden framed windows, as an organic material, they can begin to rot without paint or treatment, but with proper care, they can last a lifetime.

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Aluminium Windows

The less well-known option of the three, aluminium windows is attractive to some homeowners as they are lightweight and flexible whilst remaining sturdy. Aluminium is easily manipulated and is a good option for homes with unusually shaped windows. Like PVCu they require little upkeep and are very affordable, however, as a conductive material, they are not the most energy-efficient option.

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Window Glazing

Like frames, the glazing option you choose will determine how effective your new windows will be at providing the three core benefits mentioned previously. Depending on your supplier you may also have the option of choosing the type of glass you would like, these can range from low emissivity glass, which lets more sunlight into your home, decorative and patterned glass or even self-cleaning glass – so you no longer have to spend your days off scrubbing your windows.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is the process of fitting two panes of glass with space in between. It provides the following benefits:

  • Retains heat efficiently to keep you warm in the winter and insulates your home against powerful sun rays in the summer – keeping your home at the perfect temperature.
  • Good at protecting your home against external noise. The space between the two panes and the thickness of the glass means double-glazed units provide some noise-reducing properties.
  • This option is the best at reducing condensation. Double glazing protects against mould and dampness by reducing condensation build-up in your windows.
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Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is the process of fitting an extra pane of glass to your window, so you will have a total of 3 panes of glass. It provides the following benefits:

  • Lowest U-Value compared to other glazing options, which means it is the best at reducing heat loss and the most environmentally friendly option.
  • Fantastic for homes in cold climates, triple glazing provides the best heat insulation properties. In terms of your energy bill, over time triple glazing may be the best option for your piggy bank.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is the process of adding an extra framed glass or a ‘second window’ within your existing frames. It provides the following benefits:

  • This option is best for you if sound reduction is your biggest concern. Secondary glazed units provide the most protection against sound, with some units reducing sound by up to 90%.
  • Convenient & Cost-Effective. Windows are not required to be replaced for secondary glazing, this means the process is often less time-consuming and cheaper than a full replacement.

Choosing the Right Supplier

There are a few things we recommend you look out for when buying new windows or doors to ensure you receive the best quality products and an outcome that you are happy with. Suppliers dedicated to customer care typically hold membership to regulatory bodies such as FENSA and are trusted traders with organisations such as Which and Checkatrade.

Many window supplier and instalment companies provide deals and offer to their customers, ask your supplier about any deals they may have to keep costs down. Suppliers can also help you protect your investment by offering guarantees of up to 10 years, you can find out more about what this includes by discussing it with your window replacement supplier.

Out with the Old in with the New

Windows can alter the look and feel of your home, making a home you’ve lived in for years feel almost brand new! New windows are an investment that can pay off beautifully when you have properly considered which option suits your needs. To help you choose wisely, receive the best outcome and realise what you have always imagined your home should look like, we recommend you consult with a reputable supplier.

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