As well as making a dent in your pockets (all in the name of investment of course!) extensions to your home such as orangeries, conservatories and garden rooms be a drain on creative resources too.

3 Interior Ideas for your Extension

There are a plethora of design ideas to draw on both online and in luxury home magazines, but before you decide to go with a classic option like shabby chic consider the options below to recharge your imaginative batteries.

The Modern Mancave

Having your own space in the home is important, far from having a ‘frat house’ feel, the modern man cave is a classy, grown-up affair, that even the most feminine of women would feel comfortable in.

This space should be warm and be inviting, be featuring well-worn leather sofas draped with luxurious throws and plush cushions in dark hues like black, burgundy and slate grey, you could even give a little nod to Scotland by including some tartan in there, adding a cosy appeal to space.

Statement furniture such as floor to ceiling shelving, vintage drinks globes or a wall full of floating shelves to hold modern gadgets and art will all create an impact in the Modern Mancave.

Not to forget old-fashioned video game fun, the PlayStation can even make an appearance – as long as it’s hidden behind some polished walnut.


White and airy with pops of bright colour to break up space. This interior allows for the new room in your home to be used on a more practical level, perhaps even used as a place for family dining.

When thinking of bold design ideas, my train of thought always moves to Scandinavia and the modern stamp they are always so good at applying. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different materials when going for a bold interior design. Scrubbed wooden floors with sheepskin rugs, reclaimed wooden furniture like a dining table.

To break up a muted colour pallet used on walls, go for pops of BOLD colour; cherry reds, mustard yellow and emerald greens are all welcome to make an appearance.

Keep the interior functional with clean lines and statement lighting – Quickslide Bi-Fold Doors are a great addition if keeping a bold, Scandinavian theme- they are at one with nature.

Extension Interior Ideas

Industrial Vintage

This is a particularly edgy trend; Industrial Vintage is a design mix of industrial history and culture and one that is much more suited to a functional space, this type of design exudes raw beauty and distressed glamour that creates a huge impact.

Industrial Vintage interiors often feature such design elements as concrete floors, exposed brick walls, and heavily stylised lighting. Well worn, often second hand or antique furniture and eclectic salvaged accessories add to the theme and will create an on-trend, personal space.

Use dark masculine tones throughout the space to play on a ‘decadent deterioration’ feel and create a statement space.