The home is the largest investment that many people make during their lifetime. Not taking care or updating a home can lead to a loss on this investment which can significantly hurt your finances. Simply maintaining a home is not enough as styles change and roofs as well as floors age then have to be replaced. Home improvements can add significantly more value to your home than you put into monetarily. The following are home improvements that will add value to your home.

A Nice Deck

The best part of having a deck is that you can entertain out there instead of making a mess inside of your home. Grilling out with the family and friends is a popular activity that is quite desirable for home-buyers. This can be a great place to relax and look at the stars on nights when it isn’t too cold. Do not try to build this deck yourself as it can be dangerous if you do not reinforce it in the correct way or use the right materials. Saving for a deck can be easy as you will probably get the most use out of it in the summer and fall. Take money out of each paycheck to put towards the deck and you will never regret it!


A pool simply is not practical for certain climates as you will only have a few weeks each year that you can swim in it. Indoor pools can take a lot of maintenance that some homeowners are not willing to take on or hire someone to do. Pools are great to relax around and they are even better for children. Teach your child to swim before getting the pool so you do not have to put up one of those unsightly pool fences. Summers playing in the pool will be something your children remember for the rest of their lives. Places like Florida are great for pools as they can be used year round and there are plenty of pool maintenance companies to choose from. Plus when people move to Florida a pool is part of the warm weather lifestyle that many people have envisioned.

Screened In Patio

Having a screened in patio allows you to go outside whenever the weather permits. Worrying about mosquitos will be a thing of the past and there are tiki torches that help repel other insects away. Screening can be quite expensive to repair so it is best to delay this project if you have children until they are a bit older. Countless screens have been knocked out due to rogue football throws and soccer balls. The patio can be a great place to relax or even enjoy a glass of wine.  BBK Direct UK Nationwide has furniture for the patio as well as the kitchen at budget friendly prices.

Try Some Painted Concrete

Painted concrete can be a great option for families with multiple pets and children. The ease of cleaning these floors is incredible and will save countless hours maintaining them. There are different designs you can choose from like those that look like wooden floors. Get the look of a wooden floor without having to maintain it or worry about it being scratched up!