If you thought about your ideal room to spend a cold winter’s night in, what would be there? A large couch, big cushions, a television playing a classic movie or candles flickering providing light may be a few possibilities to some. But one thing which would surely be there is a burning fireplace radiating light, heat and the sense of comfort and tranquillity which only a roaring fireplace can give. Keep this idea in mind when trying to imagine your home with the perfect fireplace to provide that touch of class and quality to your home.


Setting the Scene

It is important that when you search for your perfect fireplace, you take into account the design and style of your home. Modern interior design promotes open spaces, differences in lighting, subtle shades and statement furniture. More classic interior design may be of smaller, separate rooms that focus on creating a feeling of comfort and warmth, which is possibly surrounded by deeper colours or more extravagant design offset with darker more intimate lighting. Choosing a fireplace to match these, or any design style may seem daunting and difficult.

But if you keep the idea of the cold winter’s night in your mind and envisage where a fireplace would fit and how the design would work with your room, you have a starting point. Moreover, you can visit this site for an incredible collection of Antique and Victorian Fireplaces.

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The Fireplace

With the fireplace now visualised, you are ready to begin. Bear in mind, your interior design is unique to you, and you should choose a fireplace paint that would be in keeping with your home. Modern electric fireplaces may be a passable option, but even the best imitations pale in comparison to the inviting glow of a roaring flame, keeping you warm whilst curled up on the couch. Instead visualise a bespoke, fitted, classic antique fireplace and the warmth of the flickering fire, and surely this would be more what you are looking for. Bearing this in mind, browsing online at www.thornhillgalleries.co.uk, you’re sure to find the quality, bespoke fireplace which will fit the vision you have. The marble adorned by the heat, the light flickering off a dull oak surrounding or the flames dancing in the shadow of crafted stone? Seems much more fitting.

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How it Fits

An antique fireplace may be fitting and worthy of what you visualised and it will fit perfectly with your home. Contemporary interior design will benefit from the high-end centrepiece providing a classic backdrop to your open-plan home. With the other designs, imagine the furniture lit up by the dancing flame providing a perfect backdrop to any style. Antique fireplaces fit what you imagined when envisaging that cold winter’s night.

An antique bioethanol fireplace provides the perfect setting for the long winter’s nights and will fit neatly into any style of home, due to the quality of the workmanship, the real burning flame and the distinguished finish. If you need more incentive, look at the winter forecast.

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