As you begin your hunt for the perfect mattress, you’ll come across all different types, price points, and features. When it comes to what is currently trending with consumers, memory foam mattresses are right near the top, if not at the top of the list. These types of mattresses have been around a while now, but are now being combined with other materials such as spring coil, gel, and bamboo to give sleepers even more benefits.

So what exactly makes these types of mattresses so popular and could it be the right mattress for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Recommended by Experts

A big part of what has propelled memory foam mattresses to the top of the list is the fact that so many physiotherapists, chiropractors, and doctors recommend them. Many will tell you that a memory foam mattress and a memory foam pillow will relieve pressure points on the body and allow the person’s curves to be supported properly.

What’s great is that the memory foam moulds to each person individually. That means a couple sleeping in the same bed will both have support, but the memory foam will take on their unique body shape. Even those who weren’t ready to go all in on memory foam mattresses started to purchase memory foam toppers for their current mattress so they could experience at least some of the benefits.

It Passes the Movement Test

There are plenty of couples who complain that a good night’s sleep is next to impossible thanks to a partner that tosses and turns all night. That movement transfers across the mattress and can keep the other person awake. With memory foam, there is no bouncing, creaking, or movement. This means one person can roll around throughout the night and the other won’t feel a thing.

Resources such as provide reviews and guides regarding the movement test, as well as other benefits of memory foam if you wish to find out more.

No Need for a Boxspring

Because memory foam can bounce back to its original shape, it is suitable for a platform bed, which means there is no need for a boxspring. This can make it a lot more cost-effective when shopping for a mattress. Even the price of the mattress itself tends to be cheaper.

Ideal for Allergy Sufferers

For those who suffer from allergies, a mattress is a breeding ground for discomfort. Dust mites live in mattresses and can spark allergic reactions and even an asthma attack for those with asthma. Another great feature about memory foam is the fact that dust mites don’t live in it.

The Mattress is Lightweight

For those who need to be able to get the mattress up to a second floor or higher in a residence, the fact that memory foam is so lightweight and you can bend it to get in doorways is a huge bonus.

Plenty of Reasons for Topping the List

Thanks to the many pros memory foam mattresses offer, it’s quite clear why this one is such a popular choice that doesn’t seem to be fading in popularity any time soon.