Here are ten tips that are easy to implement that will help to keep the heat in your home this winter and reduce your bills in the process.

There are a lot of things that people can do to make sure that their home is being kept warm optimally, and these do not have to be expensive or difficult to do on your own, although some will require the skills of a professional.


  1. Install Double Glazing

Double glazing is one thing on the list that may have some expense while also being something that the average person cannot do themselves. However, installing modern double glazing can reduce the cost to eat your home quite substantially, and over time the windows will end up paying for themselves in the money that you save on your heating bills.

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  1. Keeping Radiators Unobstructed

Make sure that nothing blocks your radiators such as curtains or furniture. If your radiator is not being obstructed by anything, you will find that your room warms up much quicker than if you have a sofa in front of it or heavy curtains. You can find here the best radiators for sale if you don’t know which one to get.

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  1. Curtains

An excellent way to stop heat escaping through your windows is to have a set of heavy curtains covering the window. It is important to make sure that they do not cover the radiator if there is one beneath the window. Covering a window with a heavy curtain will make a very noticeable difference in the warmth of your room. Big curtains go well with Victorian-style radiators in the UK. Now not only do you have a nice warm home, but also a stylish one.

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  1. Bleed your Radiators Often

It is a common problem that air gets into a hot water heating system, which reduces the efficiency of your radiators. Regularly check all of your radiators and bleed them to make sure there is no air in the system.

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  1. Reduce Drafts

Installing draft excluders in the doors of your home is an excellent way to reduce the drafts in your home, and maintaining that warm, cosy feeling of your room. If you do not have modern windows, you may also find that there is a draft coming through your window. Heavy curtains will help with this, but it is also a good idea to make sure the window is sealed properly around the frame.

  1. Install Reflectors behind your Radiators

If you think about a radiator like those from The Radiator Factory in the UK, the majority of them give off heat over their entire surface area, which means a lot of heat gets directed towards the wall. If you install reflectors on the wall behind the radiator, they will reflect the heat back out into the room, helping to increase efficiency.

  1. Service your Boiler Regularly

Again, this is also something that the average person is not able to do for themself, as you need to have someone who is certified to inspect and service your boiler. Regular maintenance can help to keep your boiler running efficiently.

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  1. Too Much Paint

Although it is advised to paint a radiator to preserve it, too many layers of paint will reduce the efficiency of the radiator. Instead of painting your radiators too often, give them a good clean with a brush and detergent and get them shining again.

  1. Cover Bare Floors

Wooden floors look great and are easy to keep clean, but they can end up being cold during winter, especially if your home has drafted. One way to combat this is to have rugs on your floors during winter, which will help to reduce drafts and make the room feel warm. Make sure that your rug has an anti-slip backing if used on wooden or tiled floors, or you could end up slipping and having an accident.

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  1. Block Unused Chimney

A chimney is something that can lose a lot of heat if it is no longer being used. One solution for this is a chimney balloon. The chimney balloon is a relatively cheap device that is made from laminate and installed just out of sight. You then inflate this, and it fills up blocking all of the nooks and crannies and keeping the heat trapped inside.

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