In the days when electric radiators were overly expensive to run, storage heaters experienced a huge surge in popularity. In principle, the idea of collecting heat during hours of cheap energy and using it to continue emitting heat throughout peak energy hours is largely faultless. In reality, however, storage heaters present a number of inevitable challenges, in that they can be difficult to control, inefficient and imposing.

The basic premise behind storage heaters hasn’t changed in decades – they still to a large extent operate as they always have. By contrast, electric radiators have evolved enormously over the years.

This is why when considering the two options today, it’s hard to dispute the fact that storage heaters really have taken a backseat to the latest electric radiators.

Electric Radiators

Slimline Digital Electric Radiator

Stylish Designs

For example, one of the biggest downsides of storage heaters is the way in which they have always been rather large and less than elegant in appearance. By contrast, high-quality electric heaters are no less than the epitome of understated elegance, taking up little to no room with profiles as slim as 60mm. Regardless of existing interior décor, slimline electric radiators never fail to look the part.

Ease of Installation

Another benefit of electric radiators is the way in which they can be incredibly simple to install. Quite the opposite of conventional radiators, mounting a lightweight electric radiator on any wall of the home is as easy as hanging a picture. Just as long as there is an electrical outlet close by, wall mounted electric radiators can be installed absolutely anywhere around the home in a matter of minutes by yourself or with the help of the local electrician. In addition, many models can also be supplied with feet to maintain full portability around the home.

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Comprehensive Control

Perhaps the biggest problem with storage heaters is the way in which they make it very difficult to maintain an ideal, comfortable temperature. Instead, it’s often a case of dealing with the room either being too hot or too cold. With a digital electric radiator, smart thermostat technology can ensure the room is kept to the ideal temperature with pinpoint precision. In addition, they can be programmed to automatically turn on when temperatures fall below 5 degrees, in order to help prevent dampness.

Lower Costs

One of the very best things about slim-line digital electric radiators is the fact that along with being affordable to pick up in the first place, they can also be uniquely affordable to run. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to see home heating bills reduced by a full 50%, when making the switch to the latest electric radiator technology. The best prices for electric radiators are generally found online, from websites such as Best Electric Radiators.

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Total Efficiency

Last but not least, when it comes to getting the job done effectively and efficiently, there’s really nothing that comes close to the high-quality electric radiator. Ensuring that it functions efficiently and that your system can handle the electrical heater is key. If this is something you find your current panel system is having issues with, perhaps it keeps breaking because there are too many appliances running at the same time, then consider getting a panel replacement in Charlotte, NC. This is certainly something to think about in order to comfortably warm the room as a whole and prevent the formation of cold spots and hot spots.