Are you thinking about renovating a room in your home? We have some fantastic styles to choose from that would look amazing in your home or, give you inspiration for a unique style.

Old Fashioned Bathrooms

 Let’s start by thinking about updating your bathroom by going back in time. A lot of homeowners these days are looking for ways to make their bathroom more modern, but a vintage bathroom is incredibly underrated. With an old fashioned bathroom design, you can give the area a style that stands out in your home.

 To do this, you can make small changes such as replacing the faucets with older styles. You want to choose to steel, bulky faucets to create a rustic feel to the room. You’ll be surprised how different your room looks after just changing the taps on the bath and sink.

 Try adding a vintage or antique bath to your bathroom as well. Old-fashioned bathtubs are not fitted into the room. Instead, they stand apart, often resting on four small legs and look tremendous. This type of style will take your bathroom back to the Victorian age in a beautiful way.

 Instead of buying your typical vanity cabinet, purchase an antique storage unit. This will give the room some class and be bold with your colour choices. Choose a shade of wood that stands out from the rest of the room, showcasing the selected design.

Modern Kitchens

 If you’re looking to modernise your kitchen, you should start with the flooring. A beautiful marble stone flooring is the best choice here. Do away with the tiles and make sure your floor looks like one block of material. If you can’t afford marble, use an aesthetic material instead.

 For the light fixtures, we suggest fitted in spotlights. These will make your kitchen look like a room that you would find in new show houses. This type of lighting makes the flooring and countertops shine beautifully.

 You can also consider upgrading some of your appliance such as the hob. A heat induction hob looks stunning on or off, with brilliant lighting displays that will make the room look futuristic. You can add to this effect by choosing a matching, cold steel oven and microwave set too. Make sure you pick the appliances with digital displays so that they add to the modern theme that you are creating.

The best thing is, you don’t have to do all of this yourself. There are plenty of services that will help design the perfect kitchen and even provide a 3D render to bring your new kitchen design to life in the exact space requirements you provide.  Do not underestimate services like this, they can save you a fortune by highlighting design clashes before the kitchen is fitted.

Space Saving Dining Rooms

Give yourself more room in the home with a dining room that offers plenty of space. You can do this by purchasing a dining table with chairs that fit underneath when not in use. You can even get a full dining shelf unit that fits the table inside as well. When not in use, your room will be virtually empty.

Make sure you adopt a minimalist design when stylising the rest of the room. You should avoid having too many accessories and items that will make the room seem cluttered.

You can also look into purchasing a table that folds up against the wall. Once folded away, the table will just look like an accessory in the room, and you will have the space completely free.

Contemporary Living Rooms

Last but not least, you can choose to update your living room with a more modern feel. Laminate flooring is in style right now and fits a modern design perfectly. You can add to this with tech that is secured to the walls. For instance, you can have a full-size TV that can be pulled out on the frame. When it’s not in use a thin TV will just look like a modern piece of art.

For furniture, opt for a three piece leather suite. This will look fantastic in any room, and leather never falls out of style.