In this post, Woodpecker Flooring talk us through the grey flooring trend and give their tips on how to style this contemporary shade in the home. If you love the idea of a grey floor but aren’t sure how it could work in your space, read on to discover inspiration for pairing with bright, neutral or fresh colour schemes.

Pared-back style has a huge influence on interior design at the moment with the time-honoured idea of ‘less is more’ at the forefront. And with this wave, grey flooring has become much more than just a modern option. Ashen toned floorboards can be understated or bold, and they’re perfect if you want to capture a contemporary yet sophisticated feel in your home. Best of all, grey flooring has the versatility to work with lots of colour schemes, including pastels, monochrome and brights.

Grey shades create an exciting, urban feel. They’re strong on their own and also help to provide balance in interiors with more opulent colour schemes. Grey flooring can bring a cooling or warming effect and is neutral enough to work during any season. The colour adds depth, class and a sense of calm to rooms. It really is a handy shade to play with.

How to Style Grey Flooring in your Home

Luxury home designer Abigail Ahern agrees: “Anything set against grey looks more beautiful, more grand,” she says. “It cocoons you and turns the room into a space you really want to hunker down into. It feels intriguing, sophisticated and glamorous.”

Grey Flooring Style Tips for your Home

The versatility of a grey floor makes it a very practical investment for any room of the home. And even if you like to refresh your interior themes quite regularly, grey will easily make good company for your next idea. Try out our ideas for capturing a fantastic feel with grey flooring in your space.

Colour Love

As grey is such an understated tone, it gives you the freedom to have some fun with the rest of the colours in your room. Capture contrast between your grey flooring and walls by painting one or the whole room in a vibrant shade. Navy blue, fushia and burnt orange make particularly good company for ashen tones and can bring a playful vibe to your space. Or if you’d prefer not to paint, consider confident furniture colours and bright accessories for a quick colour fix.

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Simply Monochrome

For a look that’s plain in theory but bold when it comes together, choose grey flooring as the base for a strictly black and white theme. As these shades sit either side of grey on the colour spectrum, they can enhance the light and dark tones in the floor, bringing it to attention in the room. Try bright white walls, dark leather sofas, plush fabrics and shining accessories to land this daring style of décor.

Coastal Charm

Generate a cool, calming effect with light grey flooring in coastal-inspired interiors. Grey makes lovely company for pastel blues and white furnishings. Add contemporary lighting and raw materials such as wood and wicker into the mix for a modern look with just a twist of seaside spirit. Don’t forget cushions and throws to warm up the look.

Hygge Happiness

Embrace the comforting feel of Hygge by pairing grey flooring with a neutral, texture-heavy environment. Although it has no literal translation, the concept is Danish and generally accepted to mean a feeling of cosiness with a Hygge moment being anything from enjoying a morning brew to slipping into a hot bath. Think simplistic with pared-back pastels and things that feel nice such as chunky knits, fur throws and rugs. Add candles for a warming glow. Hygge is all about enjoying environments that are indulgent rather than extravagant and grey flooring makes a perfectly modest base for this feel.

Fresh and Lovely

Green and grey go together like bread and butter. They just fit. And you don’t need to make any major transformations to get the look. Balance the understated tones of your grey flooring with things like houseplants, throws, cushions, lighting, rugs and maybe even a painted green wall. Use a plethora of green shades for extra interest.

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How to Style Grey Flooring in your Home