How to Add Imaginative Touches to a Traditional Styled Bathroom

Kiran Singh

Do you have a traditional styled bathroom in your home? Maybe it’s looked the same since the day you moved in? What could once have looked stylish, now looks tired and plain, so what should you do about it? Replacing the bathroom, and building a new one in a style of your choice, is a time and money consuming option. You can achieve great results without the disruption by adding imaginative touches. Here are some ways that you can achieve a bathroom transformation:

  • Create open spaces
  • Add spectacular accessories
  • Make bathing easier and quicker

By following these simple tips, you can turn dull and traditional into modern and spectacular.

Open Up Your Bathroom

Traditional styled bathrooms were designed for a different era, a different way of living. They are often full of things that don’t really need to be there, creating a cluttered look. Nothing says twentieth century more than rooms where every meter of floor space has something in it. By opting for a super stylish minimalist look, you can transform the appearance of your bathroom completely. It’s time to open up your bathroom.

Opening up your bathroom doesn’t mean widening or elongating it, although it will often look as if it has been enlarged. It simply means getting rid of anything that doesn’t strictly need to be there. Throw out the clutter. A bathroom doesn’t need chairs in it, or storage baskets. When you have wide open spaces, the room itself will look larger, brighter and more inviting. To be at the cutting edge of contemporary fashion, your bathroom should have straight lines and elegantly smooth curves.

Catch the Eye with Mirrors and Tiles

Whilst the bare, minimalist look is as chic as it gets, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add one or two spectacular accessories. The ideal accessories are wall mounted, leaving your bathroom floor space clear and inviting. One of the greatest ways to accessorise your bathroom is through tiles. You don’t see tiles as an accessory? Then you’re doing them wrong. Get rid of drab tiles, and create something much more stylish. Silvers, ivories and creams are the perfect colours as they reflect light, and create the illusion of space. It’s an opportunity to be creative, but remember that colours should complement not clash.

The other perfect accessory is a mirror. We’re not talking about a standard bathroom mirror used for shaving or putting on make-up. Your mirror shouldn’t just reflect your visage, it should reflect your personality as well. Make the mirror the centrepiece of your bathroom, large and eye catching. Vintage mirrors are back in vogue, and taking bathrooms by storm. Their timeless qualities mean that they look great in the most modern of bathrooms. Find an online specialist, and choose a mirror that will make you smile every time you look in it.

The Modern Bathing Solution

Do you have a traditional bath in the corner of the bathroom, or even the centre? It takes up space and distracts the eye from what’s around it. Modern life is busy, and every moment counts. Taking a bath takes up too much time that could be better used elsewhere, as well as using excessive amounts of water. That’s why so many people are opting for walk in showers, or even turning their bathrooms into wet rooms.

Wet rooms are the most stylish bathrooms of all, stunning in their simplicity. They’re also a perfect solution for elderly bathers, or those with mobility problems. Whist invigorating and refreshing, they use much less water and so are kinder to the environment. Practical and yet attractive, wet rooms and walk in showers encapsulate the spirit of modern bathrooms.

With a little imagination, your bathroom can look amazing. It’s time to impress your visitors.

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