As we begin to experience even more wet mornings and frost en route to spring, everyone who has experienced more than their fair share of the house this year may be looking to add consistency to the home.

With people looking to do some quick house touch-ups before the Spring season, many will turn to luxury vinyl floorings such as polyflor flooring, thanks to its quick installation and realistic design. The added benefit of vinyl is the perfect partnership with underfloor heating, with the constant changes in temperature not affecting its look.

Looking into a couple of rooms in the house, here are some designs to imagine your new look with the added comfort of providing consistent warmth.

Is Polyflor Suitable for Underfloor Heating


Your kitchen is usually one of the coldest floors to step on in the colder months and one that people think about for underfloor heating.

If you are half asleep coming downstairs to let a dog or cat outside, contact with that cold floor wakes you up, with you struggling to get back to sleep afterwards. Underfloor heating beneath a vinyl tile floor looks great – and ensures you won’t get back into bed with cold feet. Imagine the warmth as you spend the mornings with a family breakfast or meals at night. A kitchen is a place for this unique combination to make homely.

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The bathroom is a typically colder environment in tile or porcelain and is also highly at risk of water and moisture.

Due to the high waterproof safeguarding of Polyflor, you are safe to install underfloor heating and not run the risk of water damaging the system. The tiles and planks of vinyl will be sure to deny any water from reaching your subfloor and the underfloor heating system, which can provide lasting warmth after your morning shower or late-night relaxation in the bath.

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Living Room

The living room is the epicentre for comfort in the home, with the family relaxing after a hard day at work, the office or school as the goal. There is no better feeling than every step on a luxury vinyl flooring design such as pine parquet flooring, than the feeling of underfloor heating warming your floor planks.

All families are no strangers to those holiday morning experiences of your children waking you up earlier to get the most out of the day. You have probably experienced that cold feeling upon first entering the room from the floorboards. All year round, your home can provide consistent comfort with vinyl flooring without scratches, stains or dislodging.

Finding the right components to support and maximise your underfloor heating lies in luxury vinyl flooring tiles and planks to make your home the ultimate in warmth and welcome. Vinyl flooring supports underfloor heating systems and is extremely easy to install over them – easy to take individual planks and tiles out should they need replacing.

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