Billions around the world have spent the last two and half years stuck at home. Even now, many of us are working from our home offices. What do we do with all this time at home? We look up at the ceilings that are outdated and need renovation. We get stressed about the dust that’s settling on the ornaments on the shelves, overanalyse the peeling wallpaper and count all the marks on the skirting boards. When you spend so much time at home, it’s natural that you will want to change things up. However, the idea of renovation may sound daunting, and you may feel inadequate when it comes to transforming your space. The great thing is that with very minimal changes you can create a huge impact. The home improvements market is full of great ideas and products you can implement to transform your living spaces. With just a little creativity, you can make your house feel like a home you are happy to spend your time in. In fact, just a few improvements and you can style your home in a way that even improves your mental well-being. Here are just a few suggestions to help you get started:

Simple Ways to Transform Your Living Space

  • Get rid of clutter.

It’s amazing the amount of clutter you collect over the years and trying to minimise it will make a big impact in the transformation of your home. Thinking about what you use and don’t use, reimagining the space you use and implementing good organisation techniques will help you to declutter both your home and your mind. You can even make some extra cash to go towards your renovations by selling the items you don’t need and use.

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  • Repaint the walls.

Pick up a paintbrush and roller, a new tin of paint and a tray and you can get to work on transforming your home space. Fresh, light colours can make rooms look airier and more spacious. Warm tones can create a cosy and relaxing room perfect for cuddly nights in. A fresh touch of paint is one of the easiest ways to transform your space and you can adapt it to suit your style and needs.

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  • Put up new wallpaper.

Together with a fresh lick of paint, new wallpaper is another great way to transform a room. With such a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, you can have full creative control of your living space. Even if you are not a homeowner, wallpaper doesn’t cause any damage your walls when you put it up or take it down, so it makes a great option for renters too. With the tips and online lessons available, you don’t need to ask for the help of any expert – you can tackle a roll of wallpaper and wallpaper paste all by yourself!

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  • Think about a fireplace.

For years, fireplaces were a home essential, and now they are becoming a decorative statement. Add a focal point to your room and an element of character to your hone with a beautiful fireplace. The fire rated plasterboard can play a part in the installing a fireplace section. This means you’ll add a feature to your room that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing and decorative, but safe to use too.

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  • Add some natural light from above.

A skylight can do so much for a room by create a bright and clear focal point in the room with illumination from above. Not only does it provide a gleaming beaming of light during the day, but it also adds an element of romantic ambience during the evening. You can also use a pole or chain to open the window, allowing ventilation into the room as well as natural light.

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  • Add some new floors below.

Remodelling the floor will take your renovation project to the next level. Think beyond new scatter cushions and wallpaper and change up your flooring. By installing modern designs such as vinyl, toles, carpet or even bamboo. Along with a new look, new flooring can improve the practicality, efficiency, and durability of your floors too. While new floors can be expensive, they are a great investment in both terms of aesthetics and usefulness.

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  • Look up and change the lights.

They are so many different varieties of light fixtures these days and either implementing them or moving the ones you have can completely transform the appeal of your home. Hanging lights above the dinner table can add an element of luxury to a dining room. Warm glowing lights add a feeling of ambience and can enhance the textures of the walls and décor already in the room. A room can be completely transformed and modernised by the implementation of new lighting.

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  • Install some new worktops in the kitchen.

A completely new kitchen may be a little out of your price range. However, you can transform your kitchen by installing a new countertop for just a fraction of the cost. New worktops can flip your kitchen, improve the practicality of the space and improve the value too.

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  • Turn your closet into a walk-in room.

Simply removing a closet door will transform the entire bedroom by opening the space to include a walk-in closet with fitted wardrobes. The whole room will look more open and spacious and help you stay more organised. Lights in the closet will add a touch of elegance and luxury and extra storage solutions will improve your space usage.

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  • Think about the textiles and other statements.

Simply changing up pillows, cushions and other textiles can completely transform a room. As stated here,, you can even consider getting a customized pillow to match your entire decor.  With simplistic basic décor, easily switching up the textiles can create a whole new feel to a room. Furthermore, a statement feature wall will create a visual focal point and grab people’s attention. A statement wall can be implemented with the use of coloured paint or wallpaper or even photos and frames. Take into consideration the space you have and the feel you want to create, and you’ll be able to create an attention-grabbing statement wall that improves the whole house.

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With a few simple hints and tips, you can transform your residence without breaking the bank and create a home you long to be in.