What does every multi-million-dollar property have in common? Infinity pools? Multi-car garages? Wine cellars?

Perhaps, but if you’ve tuned into the Netflix hit series “Selling Sunset” or the Sex and the City spin-off “And Just Like That” recently, you may have found it hard to ignore the luxurious walk-in closets.

And you’re not alone – over 33,000 people Google walk-in closet ideas every month.

So, if you’re feeling inspired, Michael Meiser, President of Lumilum, offers his top tips for transforming a dull corner or small room into a dreamy closet sanctuary…

Expert guide How to create your own luxury walk-in closet

Find the right spot

Not all of us are blessed with endless space – so it’s all about making the most of the room you do have.

If you’re tight for room, remember that any space can be converted. Think about where in your room you can borrow some extra inches and make use of it by putting in additional racks and shelving.

Whether you’re rejuvenating an old closet or converting a small room into your dream walk-in, the general rule of thumb is to have at least 4ft of rod length per person to accommodate everyone’s garments.

Don’t worry if you have irregular walls with sections that jut out. Clever shelving and tailored chests and draws are a fantastic way to maximize space in smaller closets.

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Maximize your storage space

Whatever the size of your closet, you’ll want to maximize the space and keep everything tidy.

By decluttering your closet and getting rid of anything don’t wear often, you’ll be surprised how much space is freed up. Doing this regularly means you’ll have space all year round.

Another handy trick to nearly double your available space is re-racking your wardrobe space. Moving your current rack up a peg or two can free up space for a second clothes rack or even a stylish chest of drawers or shelves to store your accessories.

If you lack built-in storage areas, a wall-mounted shoe rack or coat hanger can be a visually pleasing alternative to show off your collection.

Those with more space might choose to have an island. Although typically relegated to larger walk-ins, it’s recommended you have 3 feet of room from all sides of the island to the wall.

Provided it’s not too cramped, an island can not only be a stunning addition to your walk-in but double up as a vanity area and extra storage space.

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Layer your lighting

Lighting is perhaps the most important design choice for your walk-in closet, and ideally, it needs to be layered for different functions.

Energy-efficient LED strip lighting can be used along clothing racks to accentuate your hanging garments, while ceiling bulbs and puck lighting can be used to shine a spotlight on collections of jewellery, bags, and shoes.

For your hanging garments, it’s recommended you have medium to high-density and medium-wattage bulbs, so you can clearly see your clothes in darkness. These work best in combination with a motion sensor.

Low-wattage bulbs and strips should be used for your accessories, with a glow that’s just bright enough to show them off.

Natural lighting from a window or a skylight can also be used to accentuate your closet space during the day and provide the best light for getting ready.

For your dresser, invest in a mirror with built-in vanity lights for precision beauty.

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Finishing touches

Having a stylish closet is just as important as having a functional one.

Full-length mirrors are a must to complete any vanity area. To save space, you can secure a fitted mirror to one of the closet doors.

If you’ve got space, matching furnishings can complete a closet area. Having a chair or small sitting area adds a touch of class to the room and introduces a homely feel.

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