Home remodelling season is almost here, and the do-it-yourselfers out there can hardly wait to try out all the cool new power tools they got for Christmas. When you consider the cost of home improvements, it’s no wonder there are so many DIY enthusiasts out there, as handling your own home renovations is a great way to save thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to indulge in working with your hands, and it can even be a bonding experience if you have any helpers in the house.

As much as managing your own home improvements can be fun and money-saving, some renovations are better left to the pros. After all, your home is an investment and not an oversized DIY project. And as the great Kenny Rogers says, “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” That’s why we’ve put together a short guide to separate good DIY projects from home improvement projects you should leave to the pros. Continue reading to learn what to do yourself and what to outsource.

DIY Home Improvements vs. Projects To Leave to the Pros

Leave installing your new shower or tub to the pros

The bathroom is one of the most popular areas in the home for remodelling projects. Indeed, there are many projects in the bathroom you can do yourself if you’re a DIY enthusiast, like changing bath faucets and showerheads, but we suggest leaving shower and bathtub replacement to the pros. Luxury Bath of NJPA is a bathtub and shower replacement contractor serving areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They have years of experience installing everything from tubs to shower walls and shower doors, and they have a track record for providing excellent customer service and a hassle-free experience for their clients.

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Let a professional handle your roofing

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and it’s something you should give attention to when planning home improvements. However, don’t give it too much attention, as it’s a project you should leave to a roofing contractor. Roofing is a dangerous job, and it entails much more than simply putting new shingles on top of old ones. Besides, that will only stop leaks for so long. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact a professional roofer who knows everything your roof needs to provide optimal protection for your home.

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It’s a good idea to freshen up your walls yourself

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a room look new, and it’s one of the home improvement projects that’s perfect to handle yourself. If it’s been more than five years since you’ve freshened up the paint in your home’s interior, it’s time to don your pull on bootcut jeans, grab a paintbrush, and go to work. It’s a good idea to watch a YouTube how-to video to get some expert tips on painting your walls, but ultimately, it’s simple enough that you don’t have to go into your wallet or purse to pay a contractor to do it for you.

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Do your own landscaping

Curb appeal is everything, especially if you’re planning to sell your home. If you have a green thumb and an eye for style, it’s a good idea to do your landscaping yourself. Plant flower beds, build a stone path in your yard, or plant a natural privacy fence constructed of thick foliage. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to doing your own home improvements, it’s important not to overestimate your own workmanship abilities. Even if you’re a DIY aficionado, there are a lot of fixes around the house that are better left to professionals. Indeed, your home and your significant other will thank you for using discretion when deciding which home improvements to do yourself and which ones to outsource. Remember, if you don’t know whether you can do it yourself, call someone who can do it right.

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