With a wide variety of wood types, colours and finishes available to choose from today, shopping for a new wooden floor for your home can often get quite overwhelming. If you are in the process of renovating your home, or just want to get new flooring for a room to improve the look and feel, then these are some of the main things to know and factors to consider before you make the perfect choice for you.

Choosing Wooden Flooring for Your Home What to Consider

Type of Flooring

When you visit Wood Floor Specialists – London, you will usually have two choices of wooden flooring: solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. Engineered wood flooring is made with multiple plywood layers and composite material, with a layer of solid hardwood on the top. On the other hand, logs are milled to produce solid wood flooring, which features traditional tongue and groove connections.

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Wood Species

Lots of different types of wood are used in flooring, but some are harder and more durable in comparison to others. Some of the main things that people consider when they buy hardwood flooring are the day-to-day wear and tear on the floor. White Oak and Red Oak are common options, although you can choose from a range of exotic woods such as Brazilian Koa, Brazilian Cherry, Cumaru and many more. If you are looking for a durable choice that you can expect to last a long time, then the harder the wood, the better.

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Since wooden flooring is available in so many different wood species, finishes and styles, selecting a colour for your flooring is perhaps the easiest part of choosing the perfect wooden floor for your home. Highly defined wood grains and a distressed style might be perfect for your home if you are going for the traditional look, while almost any type and colour of wooden flooring can work well in a contemporary room. Whitewash, grey, and charcoal finishes are often used to make wooden flooring look more modern.

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Installation and Cost

How much you can expect to pay when it comes to buying and installing wooden flooring for your home will depend on a range of factors including the species, type, and finish of the wood. The average cost of having the floor installed will usually be around half as much as you pay for the flooring itself as a general rule; however, this can depend on the type of flooring you want and how easy or difficult it will be to install in your home. All types of wooden flooring are installed by attaching the planks to a subfloor, although ‘click’ products are becoming more popular for easier Flooring Installation, which might be worth looking into if you are interested in installing the flooring yourself. Otherwise, you may find it beneficial to hire a professional company to give you a helping hand.

Wooden flooring is a popular choice for many homes, offering a wide range of options to choose from and high durability. If you think that wooden flooring might be the best fit for your home, then these are some of the main things to consider before you buy.

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