When decorating a room, the many different designs, textures and colours to choose from can make deciding what you want very overwhelming.

The classic choice for most homes is furniture made from wood. However, with so many types to choose from, we can struggle to know which style would look best in our home.

Here, we have chosen some of the much-needed pieces for your home in a range of different woods to help you choose the perfect style for you.

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Dining Table

A popular choice for the dining room is oak. This oak dining table from Oldrids has been selected because of its rich colour and grain, which naturally enhances the oil finish. If you’re looking for a table that oozes charm and character, this one is perfect.

Looking to make a statement? Dark wood would be a great choice. This solid birch dining table from Next has something of a vintage charm, with a protective dark lacquered finish. Buy light-coloured chairs, either in white or cream, to complement the richness of the dark chocolate table.

Go hard or go home: Picking the right wood for your space

Bed Frames

Wooden bed frames are still a popular choice with many and now there are even more colours to choose from. Ikea has a wide selection of wooden frames to suit any colour space. If you prefer a lighter finish, this white stain bed could be the one for you. It’s ideal if you’re stuck for space, as the light and airy colour will help make the space bigger.

Black-brown colours have also become popular for wood furniture in the home. Choose a bed frame in this style to add class and sophistication to a space, while complementing most bedroom colours.

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Kitchen Worktops

The kitchen is the hub of family life, so whether you’re enjoying family meals or social gatherings, it’s important to create a stylish space that everyone can use.

When it comes to kitchen worktops, there is a huge selection of wood to choose from. This dark wenge worktop from B&Q has red undertones running through it. It is perfect for those who have a light-coloured kitchen and are wanting dark accessories.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more natural colour, the steamed ash worktop from B&Q will transform your kitchen into a modern haven with a homely vibe.

If you’re looking for a worktop with some character, this walnut worktop, also from B&Q, has a distressed look that’s perfect for adding a vintage charm to your kitchen.

Choosing a Kitchen Worktop For your Home
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