Your bathroom is one of the more difficult places to kit out in your home. Unlike any other room, most of these water closets are too dinky to consider frivolous style over practicality. Indeed, it can leave you in a bit of an aesthetic bind as you try to gain the best items with the right level of usefulness and style. Keuco has a wide range of bathroom accessories.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of bathroom essentials to fill your home with pizzazz.

Fit the right flooring

Carpeting is, naturally, a poor investment in a bathroom, inevitably leading to dirt and damp that will be a nightmare to clean up. Add to this the higher likelihood of mould forming in your bathroom, and you’ll have a wasted, grime-ridden carpet within six months.

Instead, you should purchase some reliable linoleum or, if you’ve got a bit more cash to splash, marble flooring to allow for a surface that can be easily scrubbed.

Supplement this with a high-quality bathroom mat to warm your cockles when you emerge from the shower. And if any grime builds up on your mats, simply bung it in the washing machine and watch the dirt vanish in a few spin cycles.

Make sure your shower curtain scrubs up well

Shower curtains can be a pain when they’re not designed properly. Just imagine all the limescale and grime that builds up on your average shower curtain –  with the time it takes to scrub it all off, you’d be better off buying a new one.

That doesn’t mean that you should only purchase a plain scrub-down shower curtain. The more expensive varieties will feature a plastic back for facing water and a cotton, patterned front to look more attractive.

Invest in one of these and you’ll get the best of both worlds –  an easily washable curtain and an interior design dream.

Keep your colours quiet

In what is, broadly speaking, a smaller space than the rest of your home, it’s not a good idea to have loud colours such as reds or purples. For one, they might seem overly brash in close quarters, and they’ll be far more difficult to clean.

Instead, your best option is to vie for washed-out colours such as light blue or cream. That way, you’ll have surfaces that are easier to scrub and that won’t hit you with a headache.

Make it low flow

With the environment at the forefront of most peoples’ minds, going green is one of the most important things you can do in your home, not least in your bathroom.

First off, you can make your faucet, showerhead and toilet low flow, meaning that they’ll expend less water when you use them. This is a cheap fix that will lower your utility bills and your carbon footprint, so invest in low flow tech now.