Rightly said that “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.

Considering the above thought, it is very essential to make your home look and feel like a special place that always gives you an experience of coming back to the arms of your mother. Isn’t it? Like you feel secure, protected, and cosy in your mother’s arms, similarly, every part and corner of your home must give you the same feeling.

But what we do is focus on the living room, bedroom, and kitchen decor but we hardly give any attention to the bathroom. Whereas it is the place where we plan our routine and get very creative. So why not make it fascinating and enticing too. How? Well, scroll down to know:

Tricks To Make Your Bathroom Look Fascinating and Enticing

Place tile diagonally

The style of tiles you place in your bathroom plays a vital role, as they cover the whole wall as well as the floor. Hence, choosing the right colour, placing them in the right position, all these things are important to keep in mind. Now when we say that place the tiles diagonally, this is because it opens up space and makes your bathroom look bigger and spacious. For example, if you have ever visited any home in the UK, you must have seen sophisticated and elegant decor plus they have an interest in spending a lot on the quality of life. So they prefer to use the best quality furniture, best quality utensils, latest kitchen appliances as well as advanced quality tiles like Minola tiles, Marble tiles, Porcelain Tiles UK, Terracotta tiles as well as wood effect tiles to build their home. Thus, make sure you give attention to the tiles placement, colour, and quality of tiles as well.

Add huge scale lighting

These sorts of lights look very elegant and don’t even take much space in the bathroom and that’s the main point to consider. Space is what we have to maintain in the bathroom to make it look bigger, so you don’t feel congested in your bathroom. Remember one thing, that the biggest luxury is space in any decor process. Be it a bedroom, kitchen, living area, or bathroom, every corner must look spacious so, while decorating your home keep in mind the space factor.

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Add Greenery

Yes, you read it right! Add plants in your bathroom to make it feel and look fresh. Try to hang the plants in the bathroom that will let the people see up and will create an illusion of a bigger space than it is. It is a fact that when you place plants it gives a positive same goes with the bathroom as well, it will boost your system and will release positive vibes. As they say, grab the positivity from anywhere you get it from, so why not the bathroom. Now the question arises what sort of plants you can place in your bathroom? Try orchids, aloe vera, or even Boston ferns.

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Go for Sophisticated Containers

We are not asking you to opt for toothbrush and soap dispensers but we are recommending you to find a new home for your every drugstore toiletries. Make sure you get similar-looking glass containers that look elegant and make your bathroom look beautiful and organized.

Try some details in your towels

Try the towels that have rich details and embroidery with monogramming and ribbon trim. They look very classy and enrich the ambience of your bathroom. Make sure you go with the light version of towels that dry easily as well as look luxe. Towels may sound like a very common item in the bathroom but play a vital role. Your guests may use it after washing their hands and when they enter the bathroom the towels must match with the other elegant items you have added in the bathroom. Otherwise, it will look completely different from the ambience you wish to have.

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Add Not So Usual Mirror

To elevate the look and appearance of your bathroom, do add a mirror that is not at all the usual one. Try out round-shaped and Moroccan, tortoiseshell or gold finished one. In case you are looking to add visual space then place an oversized mirror that reaches the ceiling. It will surely add a texture to the bathroom and will make it look spacious.

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Add oversized art

Wishing to have a luxe bathroom and working for it are 2 different things. Thus, if you want to work hard too then opt for the luxury decor option that is hanging a huge art on the wall of your bathroom. Now the hard work that you have to do is finding an art whose colour doesn’t overpower all the other decor pieces. Not only this criterion but you need to also make sure that it is framed in such a way that it gets protected from the moisture of the bathroom.

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Change your shower curtains

If you have those typical shower curtains that are specifically designed for the bathroom shower area, then you need to change them with the original bedroom curtains. Now you must be thinking why? Well, they will add the luxe factor in your bathroom and make sure you add a not so expensive lining underneath the expensive curtains. Just remember one thing that when you go shopping for a new bathroom curtain, look for silk or silk-like material as they will not hold the water splashed.

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Integrate metallic and gold texture

The incorporation of these two will add some warmth and elegance to your bathroom. Make sure you choose the right shade otherwise it won’t take a minute to turn the look from “WoW” to “Ugh”. And the right shade makes the bathroom look more appealing, new, and fresh.

Final Words

After going through the above-mentioned details, now you must be sure that decorating the bathroom and making it look luxe as well as sophisticated is not a matter of joke. It needs planning and correct accessories with perfect tiles. So make sure you read the article carefully as it will help you a lot in giving your bathroom a look, you have noticed in magazines and the internet and always dreamed of having it.