Kitchen Revamp

Everyone loves a change at home, whether that’s a lick of paint, new soft furnishings or changing the wall paper – there’s no doubt about it, refreshing our home décor makes us feel good. The living room, hall and bedrooms are all high on the homeowner’s hit lists for a quick re-vamp, but when it comes to the kitchen this can be a different story. Many of us dismiss the idea of a new or improved kitchen as being too large a project, too costly, or for taking far too much time and energy. This however is a myth, as thanks to The Kitchen Restoration Company, homeowners can achieve the new-look luxury kitchen they desire in as little as 24 hours.

Here, Sue Davies CEO shares with us her top 5 tips on creating a new look & feel for your kitchen and explains why ‘revamp’ is the new ‘rip out’.


You don’t need to rip out your kitchen and start from scratch. You can quickly and easily create a brand new kitchen that is stylish and luxurious by replacing the fronts of the doors and drawers. With 400 different styles of doors and drawer fronts to choose from, plus an endless array of colours and finishes, you really can get the kitchen you have always dreamed of. This is the ultimate kitchen facelift without the need to rip out your units and start again – you don’t even need to empty your cupboards first. The best part about it is it takes as little as a day to complete, so you can relax whilst the hard work is done for you and come home to kitchen heaven.


Read up on what trends, colours and ideas are making a statement this season. Don’t be afraid to be bold if you’re a lover of colour because your kitchen can be an incredibly creative space.  Check out the seasonal colour palettes for ideas and get designing. According to Pantone, 2015 is set to be filled with Radiant Orchid so get your purple crush on and add splashes of plum, lilac and lavender to your kitchen walls or cupboards. This can turn the hub of your home into a vibrant and unique area that showcases your personality.


A great way to create the illusion of more space or open up a darker space has always been to encourage light to bounce around the room. Kitchens can often be one of the smaller rooms of your dwelling, particularly if you live in an apartment, yet they are always a hive of activity. If this describes your kitchen space then simply alter your illusion of space by opting for high-shine or reflective surfaces. Try acrylic fronts and a work surface with a metallic inlay that reflects the light to instantly give a luxurious, spacious look to a smaller kitchen space.


Big on the list of everyone’s kitchen needs is storage! You might not want to completely change the style of your kitchen, but would love to create a little more storage or organisation to tidy things up. There are some amazing storage solutions available which will fit neatly inside your existing cupboards, but instantly increase your space. Why not add a secret sliding basket or rotating corner carousel? You can even add the wine rack you always wanted. Adding features like these to your kitchen means you can have the look of modern technically engineered space that is customised to your storage needs.  The only downside is with all that extra cupboard space we can’t promise your wine and food shopping bill won’t go up!


Most of us have heard the term ‘feature wall’ when it comes to decorating, but a feature breakfast bar? The good news is that it is possible – and still all in as little as day. Why not create a new breakfast bar or central partition from a section of your kitchen that doesn’t get used as much as it could, or customise your cupboards to create a focal point. Cupboards can be easily moved around to change the flow of space in your kitchen, with no mess or fuss. A new feature in a kitchen doesn’t always mean ripping out and starting again and is a really cost effective and dynamic way to change your space, giving you a little luxury for less.

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