Upgrade Your Windows

Windows are an extremely important feature of your home. They help to keep you warm and dry while letting in beautiful natural light, and they also play a large part in your home’s aesthetic. Both inside and outside, your windows are significant in what makes your house or flat what it is. Many people don’t give much thought to their windows.. They decorate around them and perhaps make some effort to keep them clean and safe. But you should integrate your windows into the design of your home, using them to enhance its look instead of working around them. You will appreciate the new look of your windows and, if you’re looking to sell, so will potential buyers.

Repaint Frames and Windowsills

Repainting your window frames and the windowsill is an easy and quick way of immediately improving your windows. Tired frames with flaking paint isn’t a good look, so freshen them up with a new coat or even a new colour. You can paint them to fit in with the rest of the room if you haven’t already. You can repaint both the inside and the outside. From the outside, your windows will look as good as new with a new coat of paint on them, bringing the exterior of your house up to scratch.

Use Decorative Window Film

You can use decorative window film to give windows a frosted look. Companies like Solartex provide this service to both homes and businesses. You might decide that this look works better for internal windows and glass structures, rather than windows looking outside. For example, if you have a glass divider between two room or glass doored cabinets, window film creates a bit more privacy. It’s also great for bathrooms or other rooms where you definitely don’t want anyone peeking inside.

Get a New Set of Blinds or Curtains

It’s not all about the glass and window frames. It’s also important how you frame your windows with blinds or curtains. Blinds and curtains are ideal for continuing the flow of the room out into the windows, bringing them into the design. If they look good from both the inside and the outside, then that’s even better.

Replace Them

If there’s no hope for your current set of windows, and you have the budget for it, think about replacing your windows completely. Perhaps you feel that your current panelled windows don’t do anything for your small interior space. Replacing them with single panes of glass could open up the room, letting in more light and making it appear bigger. Your windows might also look too old, or too new, for your home’s aesthetic.
As well as redesigning your windows, one of the best things you can do for them is to keep them clean. On top of regularly washing the glass, be sure to keep the frames and windowsills clean too. Take preventative measures to stop mould from growing, such as opening your windows for a few minutes every day to increase airflow.