Feature walls are a great addition to a room as they give a touch of character that transforms the space. Feature walls made of tiles are perfect as a focal point and provide you with a place where your creativity can be let loose and on a small scale. However, you always need to keep in mind the size of the room, because if you lose the idea of proportions, you can end up with a room that looks busy and cluttered. So here are some ideas to make the most of your feature wall.

Bold Colours

One of the key advantages of a feature wall is that they add colour to the room. So don’t be afraid of going strong on this – go for a flashy colour that will make the room look more cheerful. Since you will only be using these colours on the tiles of one wall, it won’t look overwhelming. If you are wondering which colours are best, dark ones are on trend at the moment. Even in a small bathroom for example, if the rest of the tiles are a light colour, a darker feature wall will not break the illusion of open space that the lighter tiles help create. Navy blue, deep purples and grey wall tiles are some of the most popular coloured tiles right now.

Large Tiles

There is a tendency to think that a feature wall always needs to have a pattern or a design. But in the end, what matters is what you like. So, similarly to how amazing it can be to use bold colours, you can always just use a unique colour for the feature wall. The secret resides in the dimension of the tile. Try a large tile with a bold colour, as this is great in a small room to make it look bigger. Those tiles have fewer grout lines too, so it helps the room look less crowded and more fluid. A feature wall with large tiles in navy blue, for example, will make your kitchen or bathroom look stunning.

Feature Wall

Wood, Stone and Marble Effect Tiles

Why not try mixing textures and material? For example, if the rest of your tiles are made of ceramic, you can always add in marble tiles with the feature wall. This will give a luxurious and sophisticated look to the room. If you are a fan of the rustic look, you can always give the natural stone a go. If what you are looking for is to give warmth to the room and make it more welcoming, you can always choose wood. But if you feel this is not very practical in your room – as wood is a natural material and can expand and contract with moisture or temperature fluctuations – or actually the price of those materials is an obstacle for you, fear not, as there are other solutions. There are tiles that imitate the effect of those materials. For instance, the wood effect tiles imitate the wood perfectly, but with the practical benefits of being totally waterproof and easy to clean.

Feature Wall

Those are just some of the things you can do with a feature wall, but there are other endless ways to design them too! What is your dream feature wall?