Sometimes improving your home and garden involves simple tasks. You could just be replacing your curtains or planting a new flowerbed. But sometimes you need to do something a bit more drastic. Large home improvement projects can be more expensive, but they can also be a lot more fun. As well as giving you something to work on for a longer period of time, you often get to learn to use new equipment. Or you get to watch someone else using it if you’re not brave enough to have a go yourself. If you know how to weld or want to learn (or are willing to pay someone), there are plenty of big projects you can get stuck into.

You can do just about anything with a welder, as long as you have the right equipment. A good mig welder, the right safety gear and some metal are all you need to get started on many projects. You can hire a welder, or if you’re planning on doing a number of projects you can take a look at a range like Lincoln Electric Mig Welders and buy your own.

Get Welding with these Home and Garden Improvement Ideas

A Stool and Workbench

For those who are planning to do a lot of welding as a hobby, or maybe as a business, kitting out a workshop is a good idea. Welding yourself a stool and workbench will encourage you to keep going. Plus, they’re quite simple projects to start you off. They might not look amazing, but they’re practical and useful. You can make a stool using a metal piece for the seat and angle iron brackets for the legs. Creating a workbench is extremely similar – just on a larger scale! You can also add a platform at the midway point of the legs for storage.

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A New Garden Fence or Railings

This large project will drastically change the look of your garden or outside your house. You could make a garden fence, or set of railings to go around your deck, veranda or porch. You could even look into the different types of barbed wire to make a make-shift fence while things are being worked on. While making a fence might seem like a difficult project, it’s only really the scale that presents problems. Of course, if you want to make something fancy you might need a bit more experience. But a simple fence or set of railings isn’t unattainable for someone who’s relatively new to welding.

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Creating a set of bookends is a simple project that should be quite easy for beginners. Choose a heavy metal and simply create an L-shaped bookend. Once you have formed the basic shape, you can customise it with all kinds of things. Bits of scrap metal you have lying around are fine and can help you to personalise your bookends. You could use a piece from a trophy, a hood ornament, an old horseshoe or anything that catches your eye. To make it extra special, give it a coat of paint with a spray can.

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Learning to weld could open up a whole new world of home and garden improvements that you can make on your own.