Popular Ways To Create An Attractive Driveway

Kiran Singh

Your home’s driveway serves many purposes. Its main job is to allow vehicles to park off the road, which is good news for reducing car insurance premiums! Another main role of your home’s driveway is to allow access to the front of the house.

People opt for many different styles of driveway. If your house has a driveway, is it looking a bit worse for wear? If so, you might be thinking of giving it a makeover. But what can you do with it?

In today’s blog post, I run through the most-common options open to people that want to have a new driveway. Check them out below!

Create An Attractive Driveway

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Before you start any work

Are you planning to get a professional firm to do the work for you? If so, it’s best to get as many different quotes as possible. I recommend starting your enquiries through word of mouth, as it can be hard to prove who does a good job.

Some firms might provide photo examples of past work. The only trouble is; they might be reluctant for you to contact their customers for many different reasons. You should also make sure the company you hire is reputable and insured.

Also, make sure they use reputable sources for their materials, like Easy Pave for example.


Create An Attractive Driveway

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One of the cheapest ways to transform the appearance of your driveway is to fill it with gravel!

It’s an attractive way to emphasise the features of your home, and it’s great to walk in when it snows. The only downside is that you will have to maintain a gravel driveway on a regular basis.

Gravel can also get used as a decorative footpath to your home’s front door.


Create An Attractive Driveway

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Popular in North America and other parts of the world are concrete driveways. They are popular because they are durable and cost-effective to lay.

Concrete driveways are available in a range of colours. Some finishes give the impression that you’ve paid for a marble driveway!

Block paving

Create An Attractive Driveway

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Another cost-effective way of laying a new driveway is to use block paving. Many people opt for block paving due to the limitless decorative possibilities it offers.

The “blocks” are bricks made for use with driveways and paths. They also offer low maintenance, with householders needing to clean them only once or twice a year.

One downside to block paving is that weeds and grass can grow through the gaps between the blocks. Of course, it’s nothing a bottle of Resolva weed killer spray can’t fix!


Create An Attractive Driveway

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Tarmac is also called “asphalt” in some countries. It’s the same stuff you drive on whenever you venture out on public roads.

It’s more expensive to lay than other options like block paving and gravel. But if you want a uniform finish that’s long-lasting and hard-wearing, tarmac is the option for you!

Some people put a block paved decorative border around the tarmac, such as in the photograph example above.


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