Designers understand the value of correct lighting within the home. Indeed it is often this feature that makes a professional job stand out from the rest. Amateurs might undertake a redecoration project once every few years, but they make no changes to the lighting and so the room does not achieve its full potential.

If you want to improve the interior scheme of your home, you have come to the right place. I will offer some expert advice on how you can use light to maximum effect. Here are some lighting solutions you may not have yet considered. Of course, you may not feel comfortable completing the work yourself, in which case, utilizing electrical experts will help to ensure that all work is completed safely and to the highest standard.

Lighting Solutions You May Not Have Considered For Your Home

Main Lighting

Most modern schemes make use of recessed ceiling lights, but there is more to them than you might think, so you must choose wisely.

  • Incandescent light bulbs use a lot of electricity, though you can control them with a dimmer switch. They have a relatively short lifespan when compared to high-tech solutions and cost more to run than LED bulbs.

  • Halogen bulbs get hot. They give a crisp, clean quality of light that is desirable in retail, and commercial premises as well as in the home.

  • LED bulbs took the market by storm and will eventually see off all other forms of lighting in my opinion. The cost is little to run and lasts up to twenty times as long as the other solutions.

Task Lighting

There are times when you need light to work or to groom yourself. Under the cupboard LED strip lights are essential in the kitchen, to illuminate the worktops and make it a safe area in which to work. They also help to create a mood in the evenings when the main lighting is too harsh.

Task lighting in the bathroom should be on either side of the mirror. The main source causes shadows on your face that can affect the way you apply your makeup, etc.

Lighting to Inspire Us
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Mood Lighting

I already addressed the mood in the kitchen. Have you heard about the LED tape that you can mount almost anywhere in the home? It is a magical product that is flexible and cool running, so it is ideal for mounting under shelves, below furniture, or anywhere else. It helps to create pools of light and adds intrigue to a room. It is easy to install too, so think about places where you could put it to use.

Nothing gives off sultry, romantic illumination than the flickering of a flame. Naturally, real fire is the best source, but manufacturers have developed many exciting units with flame effects. The best electric fan heaters include a plasma TV screen that plays a video of a real fire. Such effects send light dancing across the walls of a dark room. Many gas fires use real flames to great effect. My favourite is the style that reminds you of a blacksmith’s furnace, but you need a large room for that where you can install it centrally.

Neon lights have a quality of their own, and if you seek a party atmosphere, they could be the solution you seek. They are expensive, so be prepared to pay much for the ideal unit.

Of course, we must pay homage to the ever-versatile table lamp. It is the friend of amateurs and professionals alike, and without it, we would be lost.

I hope there is something here that you can use in your home. A small glow or shadow in a new area can make all the difference as you will discover.

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With many different types of wall lights, you’ll be able to fit the perfect mood you have in mind for your home. There are plenty of different shapes of lamps and colour temperatures that will be sure to create the perfect ambience you’re wanting in your home.