Customize a Rental

You don’t have to own a condo or a house to make your home yours. Rentals can be challenging (unattractive flooring, standard white walls, and outdated light fixtures) but there are plenty of ways to work around the problem and tailor your apartment to your own tastes.

  1.  Use modular furniture that you can customize to fit your space, Home Furniture Rental has a great range  and is worth checking out.
  2.  If your apartment has high ceilings, utilize the space above your kitchen cabinets to build in extra storage.
  3.  A problem that many renters face: wall-to-wall carpet. By adding bright accents and layering area rugs over  the floors, the carpet doesn’t seem so bad.
  4.  If your rental comes with some surprising color, work with it rather than against it. The green tea towels,  dishes, and kitchen chairs make their kitchen seem very pulled-together and bright.
  5.  One of the best ways to streamline a rental apartment is to consolidate your storage and hide it behind  closed doors.
  6.  To really make an apartment your own, hang some artwork. If your landlord is dead set against any nails  going into the wall, try some picture hanging strips instead.
  7.  Some landlords will allow you to paint as long as you choose a neutral. Even the slightest hint of color can  transform an apartment and freshen up the walls. If you can’t paint, bring color into your home through  furnishings and artwork.
  8.  Take down those ugly plastic blinds and dress your windows with something a little nicer: roman shades,  floor-length curtains, a screen-printed panel… anything that will soften up your room and complement your  decor.
  9.  Replace outdated ceiling lights with something a little more stylish.
  10.  You don’t have to undertake a full-scale renovation to transform your kitchen.