The current jackpot for Powerball is £276 Million, with the jackpot for MegaMillions at £ 279 Million, which is life-changing money. Many people win the jackpot through, which has changed and been able to make many people rich. Have you ever wondered what sort of house you could buy if you won the lottery? If you feel lucky, go ahead and give it a shot, and the next person to buy a new mansion can be you.

7 Deluxe Houses Lotto Winners Can Buy

Here is a list of all the luxurious houses you can buy after you win a jackpot.

1. Gateways Canyons Ranch, Colorado, US

Discovery Channel founder John Hendrix listed his mansion, airplane hangar, and car museum for the price of £202 Million, which is less than the jackpot of MegaMillions. It is a large house covering 8700 acres of land in a beautiful red rocky area away from the city. You can see the sky at night with no pollution blurring the scenic beauty. All kinds of facilities, including a spa, theatre, library, and art studio, are built within this house. A collection of 50 vintage cars would also come with the house part of the car museum.

2. Casa Encantada, California, US

Situated in Bel Air, created with Neoclassical architecture, Casa Encantada was complete in 1938 designed by James Dolena. It was once owned by Conrad Hilton, who is the founder of Hilton hotels. With a hefty price of £ 164 Million, it is still almost half of Power and MegaMillions’ jackpot. It was built in H shape to have the maximum number of views from the house. It is only a ten-minute drive from Rodeo Drive. The home encompasses a tennis court, many gardens, and koi ponds, which provide a delightful experience to walk around.

3. Aspen Valley Ranch, Colorado, US

This luxury ranch is built over 800 acres of land with a price of £ 160 Million, which should not be a problem to buy for a Lotto winner. The once highest-paid executive in the US, Charif Souki owns the glorious ranch. It includes a garage with a large room for SUVs and snowmobiles, a horse barn, and other operational facilities such as a water treatment plant. It is a built-in resortstyle situated only a few miles from the Aspen Airport.

4. Authentic Italian Villa, California, US

The Italian style villa is priced at £ 120 Million constructed on Venetian style of architecture. It is the biggest villa in the Beverly Hills area built over seven acres with a private street. It is such delicately built that it took seven years to construct this house. It has all the facilities such as a pool, tennis court, and jogging trail surrounding the property. It offers a unique type of architecture and construction that can keep a Lotto winner happy for life.

5. Palais Vénitien, Cannes, France

This house, full of luxury, can be all yours to live in for a price of £ 102 Million, which is justified by the house’s fantastic design. Based in France, it includes monumental columns and molding, which gives it a Greek touch. It also has a Venetian architecture style, which is considered the highest form of beauty the eyes can see in a house. It has all the outdoor amenities with an added nightclub in the place with a wine cellar with a collection of distinguished wines of the world.

6. Fei Ngo Shan,  Hong Kong

When you win the lotto, you can buy three houses like this one, priced at £ 91 Million. This Hong Kong-based house is known for its large pool with the house. Victoria harbor can be seen from this house, based in one of the most expensive areas away from the hustle-bustle of urban cities. The house has exclusive décor, which matches the grand staircase and windows of the house.

7. South Ocean Boulevard, Florida, US

If you feel like saving some of the cash from the lotto prize, you can buy this house in Palm Beach Billionaires row for the price of £ 80 Million. All the rich and influential people will be living by if you chose to buy and live in a luxurious house. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club is just along the road, with real estate of people like Ken Griffin is right around the corner. Living in a neighborhood full of successful people is a different feeling of luxury altogether.
The chances are not slim.

You might think that the chances of winning the lotto are slim, but you will be surprised to know that with so many options, there is a high chance of winning the jackpot playing at Lottoland. Even if you do not match all the jackpot numbers, you will still win a prize if you match one or more numbers from the draw.

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