Lighting plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of every room. When it is done correctly, it looks natural and transforms the space into a warm and inviting one. Poor lighting is glaringly obvious, usually because it’s either far too bright or way too dark.

It’s certainly not easy to get the lighting in a room spot on. Interior designers spend a lot of time experimenting with their projects in order to find a lighting scheme that enhances the room in a natural, not obvious, fashion. Even homeowners might take the time to work out the Custom Lighting Installation that they would like and then reach out to a professional to bring this to life for them.

If you are struggling to get the lighting right at home, here are some interior design secrets that will help you to get it right.

  • Focus on function

Use the purpose of the space to help you with the location and level of lighting. There is a tendency in a kitchen to use harsh lighting so that the room is bright enough for preparing, cooking and eating. It would be more visually pleasing and practical to use direct lighting for prep areas, track lighting at ceiling level and pendant lights over dining tables.

  • Layer your lighting

When lighting your room, think of the space as a number of horizontal layers from top to bottom. So, depending on the nature of your space you could have two or more of the following layers:

This will give your rooms versatility. It will also allow you to layer and blend different levels of soft light in order to provide enough brightness for the room. This is preferable to having one or two strong lights that make the room look too clinical.

Interior Design Secrets

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  • Do it with a dimmer

For any multi-purpose room, overhead light bulbs that can be dimmed, for example, E27 screw cap bulbs, are essential. This means that the ambience in the room can easily be altered depending on the time of day, what you are using the room for, or just your mood at the time. Additionally, dimmer bulbs and switches make a great investment as they tend to last longer than conventional bulbs and they help to reduce the amount of energy used.

  • Consider candles

Candles are a very effective way to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting in many rooms. Place them around the bathtub to heighten the feeling of indulgence and relaxation. At the dining table, they create an elegant and romantic effect. And placed on coffee tables and mantelpieces they make your living room even more cosy and chilled out.

When it comes to lighting a room, careful thought and planning are required in order to get it right. Your aim is to strike a balance between the practical and aesthetic purposes of lighting. This can be achieved by creating stations and layers of lighting and by using dimmer facilities and candles to create a warm and inviting feel.

I hope these interior design secrets help you to get the lighting right in your home.