When it comes time to renovate or remodel your bathrooms, you are probably thinking only in terms of function. Is all the plumbing intact? Do you need new shower heads, faucets for the sink, shower doors? Perhaps the tub needs to be resealed and the toilet re-seated. However, if you are going for a completely remodelled bathroom, here are some design elements no bathroom should be without.

Touch-free Sensor Faucets

One of the quickest ways to spread germs, believe it or not, is by touching a faucet when it’s time to wash your hands. Of course the purpose of washing your hands is to avoid the spread of disease-causing germs, but other people are also washing their hands and they may be carrying anything from influenza viruses to bacteria that they’ve come in contact with.

Touch-free sensor faucets are a wonderful way to help prevent the spread of germs as you will never need to touch knobs or the faucet itself. These innovative faucets work by infra-red technology. Simply run your hands under the faucet and the water immediately starts flowing. Not only are they functional but they come in a whole range of styles to suit virtually any bathroom décor.

Heated Towel Rails

Winters in the UK can get mighty cold and there is nothing worse than stepping out of a nice hot shower into a bathroom that never seems to be quite warm enough. Heated towel rails work with your current central heating system and can have your towels nice and toasty warm so that when you are ready to wrap yourself after your bath or shower, it’s almost like stepping into an electric blanket.

For those who don’t have conventional central heating, there are electric towel racks that are just as stylish and functional as well. Online suppliers like Warmrooms.co.uk carry a nice selection of heated towel racks that range in a variety of sizes and designs. From those that hold a single towel or two to those that can heat towels for the entire family, there is a towel rack to suit your needs.

LED Shower Heads

Then for that extra touch of elegance, have you thought of LED shower heads? These come in a broad spectrum of colours and you can even set them to slowly spin through the light spectrum, blink or simply stay on the colour you are in the mood for at any given moment. Perhaps you wouldn’t consider these functional, unless of course you use them for colour therapy to soothe your nerves after a stressful day at the office. Some can even change colour to signal the temperature of the water.

When remodelling a bathroom you aren’t limited to the same old features that you’ve come to associate with a typical bathroom. Of course you need faucets, showers and towel racks, but with the amazing innovations technology has made possible, your new bathroom can be just as hi-tech as it is lovely. Why not check out Bathroom Showroom Edinburgh for bespoke design services?