Installing interior window shutters could be the only thing you need to have a clean and consistent look throughout your home. Aside from improving the general airflow, internal window shutters also allow you to protect your privacy and manipulate natural lighting. However, some homeowners find it challenging to settle down with one because of the many choices available. This article will discuss the most common types of window shutters within the UK to help you decide.

Types of Interior Window Shutters

Tier-on-Tier Window Shutter

Individuals who prefer to have maximum control over their lighting and privacy will probably like this option. This window shutter type has two separate shutter panels, which can be closed together or independently. Tier-on-tier window shutters can either totally let in or block light into your house. Because of this characteristic, it is not surprising that it remains among the most popular choices up to this day. 

Full-Height Window Shutter

If you look forward to having a simplistic design, you won’t regret going for a full-height window shutter. This type of window shutter covers the entire window while still giving you control over the amount of ingoing light. Full-height window shutters suit tall windows the best, allowing you to choose from three variants – single, bi-fold, and tri-fold. Those who have home designs that lean toward the traditional style would significantly benefit from this window shutter type.

Cafe-Style Window Shutter

Do you wish to cover only the bottom section of your windows? If yes, you would love cafe-style shutters. These window shutters give you privacy without blocking out all light. By having your windows’ top sections uncovered, a considerable amount of light would be able to enter your house. Full light coverage is still achievable through the use of curtains. 

Shaped Window Shutter

Some properties have uniquely-shaped windows, which can reduce window shutter options. Fortunately, there are these so-called shaped window shutters that can virtually fit windows of varying shapes. This window shutter type is ideal even for gable-end windows. Although you have the option of getting standard blinds, doing that can conceal your window’s distinctive shape. Installing shaped window shutters will surely add a classy finish to any room.

Tracked Window Shutter

Unlike the other shutter types, each tracked window shutter mount on a track. This design allows them to get folded away whenever doing so is necessary. Since these window shutters provide full light when folded, they make excellent choices for rooms with large windows that you don’t want to cover during the day. 

Solid Window Shutter

Homeowners who prefer the traditional home look would like this type of window shutter. Instead of having louvres or angled slats as their material, solid window shutters derive from solid wood panes. This particular material will incorporate a traditional look to your room. Considering that these shutters come from wood, it’s no wonder that they effectively prevent noise from going into your home.


Each interior window shutter variant comes with a particular advantage. Because of this, you should consider your needs and preferences to determine your best window shutter type. The general home design you’re going for might also affect your final decision when choosing interior window shutters as well.