Urban homes often lack natural ventilation. It’s because the residential units stand close to each other. The need for efficient heating or cooling also makes it necessary for the homes to be airtight. But for healthy living, natural ventilation is necessary. It removes dirty and hot air from our immediate surroundings and supplies fresh oxygen.

The increased amount of clean air and oxygen helps many of the vital organs of the human body to function with greater efficiency. Staying in an environment marked with excess hot air and carbon dioxide can leave us stressed and fatigued. One of the easier ways to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fresh air into our homes is by keeping the windows open with the help of Rocburn window openers.

In this post, we are going to discuss ways that can promote natural ventilation in your home.

Natural Ventilation Tips For Your Home

Have More Greens

You should plant grass and plants in the open spaces around your home. You can also have them in the balconies, terraces, and near your doors and windows. This will keep the surroundings relatively cool and contribute to better airflow, some of which you can expect to enter your home as well.


If you have a lawn or open space near your home, you can have some garden features such as earth mounds and landscaping walls. These structures will help improve air circulation near your home. The earth mounds in particular can aid air circulation.

Water Feature

In the lawn and open spaces near your home, you can have a water feature. This will bring the temperature down as well as aid the air circulation near your home. Swimming pools, fountains, and are some of the transition spaces that cool the air before it reaches your home.

Bamboo and Wicker Furnishings

Furniture pieces made of wicker and bamboo have construction that promotes better air circulation. Besides, their heat retention is also low. If you have some of these products in your vicinity, you will find the environment is more aerated.

Open Your Windows Frequently

Many people don’t like to keep the window open as it allows noise and dust to enter the homes. But opening the windows frequently can release the hot indoor air and allow fresh air to come in. This can improve the quality of indoor air.

Let Windows Be a Bit Higher

If you install the windows slightly higher rather than at their normal height, your windows will have more air coming into your home. This can also spare the ceilings from excessive heat loads.

Wind/Air Deflectors

These are meant to improve airflow. You can position them vertically as well as horizontally. They can be used as louvers or overhangs.


These window panels act as an efficient medium of natural illumination for your home. But they also act as an effective medium to facilitate natural ventilation. Hot air tends to rise and the position of clerestories near the ceiling helps the hot air to get released. This makes room for fresh air to come in.

Final Thoughts

Natural ventilation is an important aspect of sustainable and healthy living. Even in modern homes, you can have natural ventilation by having more transition spaces.

Besides, you can also use the tips mentioned in this write-up to improve natural ventilation in your home. For example, you can use Rocburn window openers to keep the windows open.