How to Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Kiran Singh

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of holiday prep. That said, Gardeners should look out and get cracking following the sudden cold snap of the last week. If you haven’t started already, now is the time to start pruning and preparing your garden to look its best next spring.

Prune Perennials

To prep your perennials for the next year, it’s important to give them a good pruning while they bunker down. Survey the plant and trim off any diseased shoots, disposing of them, while also removing any old, infected soil. Be sure to save and protect stems with seed heads, so they can germinate over the winter. Once the ground has frozen in December, add several inches of fresh soil to the plant bed, as this will save those precious seeds from any nesting, hungry rodents.

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Weed Evergreens

Keep your evergreens looking great over the colder months by giving the plant beds a tidy and disposing of any nasty debris. Pull up anything unsightly and dispose of it, and be sure to trim off any diseased or dying sprouts to protect the rest of the plant. If you’re expecting frost or snow, you may want to keep some tear proof canvas cover nearby to make an overnight cover, but otherwise, Mother Nature will do her job.

Prepare Garden For Winter

Protect Trees and Shrubs

British winters are notoriously windy, so Trees and shrubs may need shielding as it gets crisper. Using a wire grid and UV resistant cable ties, create a cage around the stem or trunk to give it some security – just be sure it’s loose enough that you can cut it off in the spring. Rose trees, in particular, will be more fragile, so keep some burlap cloth to make a cosy jacket around the cage nearer Christmas.

Prepare Garden For Winter

Clear Debris

Having a clear out of your garden will make it safer walking to the door in the dark, so be sure to get on this before the frosts start. Fish out and dispose of any autumn leaves from the gutter, lest they freeze and cause a blockage later on. On a dry day, use a broom like the Straw Broom by Engelbert Strauss to clear large spaces of leaves, though it’s worth holding onto them for composting.

Prepare Garden For Winter


The key difference between compost and rot is activity and heat – your compost bin needs to be warm and well-churned to support a nutritious breakdown of plant matter. Fallen leaves, healthy plant debris, and leftover greens from dinner make healthy compost, so be sure to only include these and discard any material that looks diseased or pest-ridden.

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