After having picked up the keys to your brand new home, landscaping should be a priority if your lawn or backyard garden looks average. A good looking backyard not only adds to the curb appeal and property value but also plays a major part in calling it home. Having and enjoying a backyard is the best perk of owning a home. If you have a bare backyard or an average looking one, here are some tips that can help transform it.

Landscaping Tips

Make Garden Beds around Trees

Garden beds are common and one of the best ways to solve most of the gardening problems. Also, making it is pretty easy and simply involves, piling soil or using enclosed boxes that contain soil. These boxes are similar to raised beds and are made of a material that can maintain the integrity of the bed for a long time. Most homes will have flower beds placed at the entrance and garage. But a great way to add value or make it look attractive is to add beds around trees. Add mulch and plants like primroses, periwinkle, or bluebells that grow in the shade which will highlight the trees.

Incorporate Flowering Trees

Flowering trees add a great pop to your landscape and they grow quickly too. It also adds more shade to your garden hence, a good option. Some of the flowering trees to consider are magnolia, dogwood, and Japanese maple. To beautify your backyard Allen Outdoor Solutions suggests growing a combination of pink, red, and white blooms. Take special care of it, in its growing phase by providing rich soil with nutrients and adding mulch. Prune them as and when needed as it helps to grow well.

Grow Perennials

One of the easiest ways to make a beautiful garden is to plant perennials. Moreover, it needs less maintenance, hence, you will spend less time tending to it. When planting perennials opt for peonies, daylilies, or Susans as they make the landscape look vibrant and colourful. Avoid planting annuals as they last only one year and need to be replanted again. However, perennials have underground roots and regrow every year without needing to be replanted.

Add Mulch

Adding mulch is a good way to dress up the garden to make it look fresh and appealing. If your garden was previously neglected it is a great way to freshen the tired-looking plants and trees. Apart from the visual appeal it provides, it moistens the soil and improves the health of the plants. Other benefits include a reduction in weeds and provide insulation to plants in winter and get them through the harsh cold. Some of the mulches are leaves, grass clippings, bark, or wood chips.

Make your landscape more interesting by installing a few types of equipment like a fire pit. It helps during winter when it is cold, gather around the firepit and entertain your friends and enjoy your drinks. You can also think of a gazebo for your landscape to bask in the summer or watch the rain. Creating a landscape for your new home may seem tough but it is quite rewarding too. You can make use of the above-mentioned tips to enjoy a beautiful looking outdoor space.