You probably have prepared the maintenance checklist of your house. Monthly cleaning, replacing the furnace filters, and servicing the ACs, all done? That’s a good start, but still, there’s an important part that most homeowners tend to forget about. And that is the maintenance of their home’s drainage system.

We often see gutters just as a part of the standard roof. But in reality, these are another house system that protects your house from water entry and leakage. But if it’s not maintained properly, the twig, dirt, and debris get buildup, causing a big headache. To make it worse, if the drainage system gets damaged, that can cost you heavy repairs.

Besides, it can affect many parts of your house tremendously. Want to know how? Here’s the list of potential damages an unmaintained gutter can cause.

Secure your home from clogged gutter hazards. Here’s how

Foundation damage

Underperforming gutters can cause a serious risk to your house’s foundation. The basic functioning of your drainage system is to displace the water that fragments the soil around the foundation. But, when the drainage system gets jammed with debris and leaves, the water can’t run into the drainpipe properly. The overspilling water directly collapses, making the foundation weak over time.

Clogged drains can also cause water seepage into your home. The area where the drainage pipes are attached causes the moisture, which can result in decay in the walls.

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Basement leakage

Overflowing rainwater can end up flooding the basement of your house. And, one of the most common reasons behind it is a clogged drainage system. Overflow and rainwater continually hitting the concentrated area can also lead to ground trenching. If you can see cracks and molds in the basement area, it simply indicates the poor function of the drainage system. Over time the problem can worsen with mould and mildew.

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Mosquitoes and pests

A clogged drainage system makes a perfect hub for mosquitoes and other bugs to flourish. In fact, female mosquitoes love stagnant water and wet places to lay eggs. If you can see mosquitoes and bugs buzzing around, the drainage system might be providing them a perfect haven.

These were some of the problems your home is likely to stand due to an under-functioning drainage system. Obviously, no one wants to put their house in such danger. So it’s better to maintain it to safeguard your place from these critical elements.

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How? Let’s discuss!!

To prevent such issues, it’s necessary that you clean or inspects your drainage system manually. But remember, cleaning a drainage system is a difficult job that can turn into a dangerous event. As per the fact, ladder falls, and accidents claim almost 6,000 lives each year. So if you decide to clean your drainage system on your own, don’t forget to take the necessary precautions.

Still, drainage maintenance isn’t a child’s play. And, if you find yourself not up to this task, trust the experts and consider taking their help. You can also visit Above All Gutter VAC to know more about scheduling a maintenance routine of your home’s drainage system. Make sure you’re getting it inspected at least 2 or 3 times a year. The professionals will tackle the problems on time by providing you with the best solutions.

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A home maintenance routine can save you up from many potential problems that can occur in the future. To prevent them all, make sure you inspect every corner manually. And for heavy tasks, such as monthly cleaning, gutter maintenance, and pest control, take the help of experts only!!