Today, we’re looking at data security. We’ll cover the potential effects of a hack and a tool that can help protect your privacy for free. NordLocker gives 5 GB of free encryption to every user. Download it here for Windows and Mac.

protect your data

Data security has penetrated every area of our lives — there’s no escaping. We cannot think that no one cares about our data. Not only do hackers care, but they are actively hunting for it. So, the question now is not whether someone will get to your data but who’s getting to it first.

Think through the daily amount of files you carry each day. Every bit of information on your smartphone can be used to harm you and your clients. Or at least make it easier to do. You may be an individual, or you may represent a business — it does not matter. Now we must think about data security in advance.

The first step to take is to encrypt the files that you carry around daily. It could be just a thumb drive, but it may also be the laptop. If anyone gets access to your encrypted files, they will have a terrible time trying to see what’s inside. And it isn’t that complicated. If you use software like NordLocker, it’s the same as dragging files from one Windows 10 folder to the other. NordLocker is free to use, so you can download and try it without risk.

You should also think beyond local files. Do you use the cloud to share documents with your clients? This is again where NordLocker (or similar software could help). All you need to do to share a file or a folder is add the person’s email. You can share separate files, folders, or even entire lockers.

Losing your data is bad. But it’s never as bad as it could be if someone else could use it against you and your clients. That’s why every business should use encryption.