The front door to your house is so much more than a security component or functional entranceway. Although it should do both of those things very well, it also adds curb appeal and tells the world what the style of your home is.

Adding a door you love, is a fun way to dress up the exterior of your home with a bit of personality so you can feel joy when you return home each day.

Front Door

Here are three steps to guide you when choosing a new front door for your home.

1. Pick the Design

Houses in Britain have changed dramatically over the past 500 years, in size, architectural design and features. What’s the style of your home? There are over a dozen possibilities, but it could be Tudor, Georgian, Victorian or modern minimalist, to name a few.  

Once you’ve figured out your home’s style, your choice of a front door is narrowed down —  a good thing because who needs 1000s of options? and you are heading in the right direction for door inspiration.

There are plenty of traditional and modern door styles to choose from, each with their unique design touch — but it’s a lovely idea to try and match the era. For example, a Victorian-style home would look great with a brightly coloured door with glass panels, whereas vibrant wood tones would better suit a new home.

Glass panels also allow more light inside a property — whatever style of door you use.  And once you know the style of door you would like, it’s time to choose the material.

2. Choose the Material

When it comes to choosing the material of your door, the two most common types are composite and timber. Each has its particular style and benefits, which we’ll look at below.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are made from a hybrid of materials including a steel-reinforced PVCu frame with a wood or foam core, wrapped in a layer of plastic for weatherproofing. These doors are incredibly durable — tough to break down, easy to maintain and with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

You can also choose between a range of beautiful colours, finishes and glass options to create a stylish entrance tailored to your exact taste.

Timber Doors

With so many types of timber door available — including hardwood, softwood and solid oak — it’s easy to add a unique, classic look to your property.

Hardwoods mainly come from broad-leafed, deciduous trees such as mahogany, beech and oak. Their complex cellular structure gives hardwood exceptional stability, and therefore, these timber doors are often sturdier than PVCu door. However, timber doors also require a higher level of maintenance and can be prone to warping due to the weather.

Due to the distinctive patterns of the wood grain, a hardwood entrance door can greatly enhance heritage properties and add a touch of vintage charm to modern homes.

3. Select Your Price Range

Hand-in-hand with choosing the door material is knowing how much you want to spend.

To buy a high-quality composite door, you will be looking at paying anything between £900 and £1510. The average cost of installation is under £300 — so that should give you a better idea of the amount you’ll need to spend overall.

The amount you spend on a timber entrance door depends on the type of door you want, as well as the size and material. Prices start at £625, but you can pay anything up to £5650 for a door that suits both your taste and requirements. The average price is £2400.

Once you decide on these three components of a new front door, you’ll be well on your way towards falling in love with the exterior of your home.