Liquid chocolate pouring from the kitchen tap, glitter cabinets in every rainbow shade or an ice-cream dispenser that can create infinite flavours. Sound like ideas you’d include in your ideal kitchen? Then the newly-created role of ‘Kid-chen Designer’ could be for you.

The catch? You have to be aged between four and eleven years old, be willing to let your imagination fly and be happy to be PAID in fun days out in return.


Benchmarx Kitchens is known for its innovative products and creative design teams, and is now looking for a new recruit to help them CREATE the company’s first kid-inspired, dream kitchen.

As well as being paid in £500 worth of family days out, the chosen ‘Kid-chen Designer’ will also see their kitchen vision brought to life for them and their friends to enjoy.


No idea is too big. So, youngsters may think that every kitchen should have a tunnel that runs behind the cupboards to a secret den, or a ball pit hidden under a moveable kitchen island and a slide at the end of the breakfast bar sounds amazing. Future-gazers may prefer to opt for a button that teleports them straight to the park, or conjure up cupboards that can automatically come up with tasty treats based on what is inside.

Shortlisted ‘Kid-chen Designer’ candidates will have the chance to explain the thinking behind their design before the successful kitchen is chosen by Benchmarx Kitchens’ team of expert judges to be recreated life-size.

As the ‘Kid-chen Designer’ in charge of the project, the successful entrant will then play a key role in selecting the materials from their local Benchmarx Kitchens branch, to help create the finished article.

Closeup of children painting pictures, focus on art supplies paints, pencils and crayons, copy space

Matt Aitken, from Benchmarx Kitchens, said: “The kitchen continues to secure its position as the heart of the home, often because it provides an ideal backdrop to come together as a family – be it over a spot of messy baking, creating a culinary masterpiece, doing a spot of homework or even just catching up on the day.

“Good design is the backbone to making this work, and what better way to encourage children into the kitchen than by asking them what they would like to see there.

“It may be as simple as a stool that makes it easier to reach the mixing bowl or bold colours that cannot help but set your day off to a good start. Or, it could be more elaborate in the shape of treat dispensers built into the cupboard fronts or a slide at the end of the kitchen table, the choice is theirs.

“Bringing children into the kitchen can have much wider benefits too. Creating an appreciation and awareness of ingredients and how to put them together from can help cut down on picky eating, whilst stretching the imagination, boosting language and communication skills, and even increasing confidence and independence.”

To apply, would-be Kid-chen Designers (or their parents or guardian!) need to visit to download a form, and email the finished design back before 11.59pm on Sunday 21st July. Forms can also be collected from one of Benchmarx Kitchens 180 branches across the country. To find your nearest branch visit Terms and conditions apply.