We were once told the story of a man whose home was burgled. This man was such a deep sleeper that he did not know his home was burgled until morning when he woke up to find himself lying in his bed outside his house. Apparently, the burglars upon discovering how deep a sleeper he was decided to have some fun with him. They carried him and his bed out of the house and placed him right under the stars. You can imagine his surprise when he woke to find himself and his bed outside his own house.

Now imagine such a person relying on a regular alarm clock to wake him. He will surely have missed many early morning appointments not to mention the several cautions he must have received for coming late to work.

There are a number of reasons that doctors have put forward to explain this level of deep sleep. Since our focus in this article is not the cause of deep sleep but alarm clocks that can rouse people from this deep sleep, we will move straight on to that. You can, however, read about the causes of deep sleep here.

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Before we look at a few recommendations, let us first look at some important factors to consider when choosing an alarm clock.

Consideration Factors

When choosing an alarm clock that will ensure you really wake up, you need to understand why you have difficulty waking up. There are a number of things that could be going on here.

First, you may discover that you do not hear when the alarm goes off. Secondly, you may actually hear when they go off but you snooze it and go back to sleep. Considering these two scenarios, you can now look at features offered by the different product options available to determine which will help surmount your specific challenge.

Here are some features you will come across:

Loud Volume or Special Tone

For those who do not hear when their clocks try to wake them, looking for something that is loud or has a special tone that will rouse you from their slumber should be their target. Once the sound is loud or unique enough, it should get the job done.


Vibration involves physically attempting to rouse the individual. Some folks may not respond just to aural stimuli. When there is a combination of aural and tactile stimuli, the chances of waking increases.

Need to Physically Get Up from the Bed

For the majority of deep sleepers, they actually get roused but just stretch their hands and snooze or put off the disturbance. Some products have special features that require that the individual gets off the bed to put off the buzzing. In a lot of cases, the most difficult step is that first one – getting off the bed.

For most of these folks, once they are forced off the bed, they will not go back to sleep. In fact, the best approach may be to combine all three approaches especially if yours is a really special case. If none of these work, then yours may be a really special case. Find out more here: https://www.healthline.com/health/cant-wake-up#symptoms-of-sleep-deprivation.

Now that we have looked at some of these features, let us quickly look at some recommended products.

Recommended Alarm Clocks

Since we have agreed that there are some folks that can neither be woken by the sweet, mild ding of your phone alarm nor its musical chime, we want to look at a few alarm clocks that pack enough punch that you won’t want to take them to a graveyard.

Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clock

This alarm focuses entirely on just one of the senses – hearing. It unleashes a loud noise that will scare the sleep right out of you. You can’t get up fast enough to switch it off.

It is capable of volumes of up to 120 decibels. You can, however, select lower volumes as it offers two other levels – 70 and 90 decibels.

It is very easy to use and is designed for portability so you can take with you on your trips. You will also find that it is tough and will last for a long time.

You will also find some of its other features useful. These include a timer and an emergency beacon.

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

This product is designed to combine aural, visual and tactile stimuli in its mission to wake you. It can deliver a volume of up to 113 decibels while also vibrating and flashing red light.

It offers several adjustment options which include volume and brightness adjustments. This will help you set it to the most appropriate volume and brightness. It also has a test function that helps you ensure that your alarm has indeed been set.

This alarm should be placed under the pillow or mattress so that you can enjoy the full benefit of its massive vibration. This will also reduce how much of a disturbance it will be to others around you.

Peakeep 4 Inches Twin Bell Alarm Clock

This is a retro-style alarm clock designed for deep sleepers and those with mild hearing disorders. Nothing speaks to its retro design like the twin bells. It, however, incorporates modern components like its stereoscopic numbers, absence of a ticking sound and backlight function that allows you to check the time in the dark.

For its main function, let’s just say that this will have you jumping off your bed. You won’t wake up drowsy or groggy but with adrenalin pumping because it will scare you.

It gets better…

It does not have a snooze button so you will have to get up and switch it off. Don’t worry, you will be getting off the block very quickly to put this thing off.

A quick note though, it’s old school style so you will need to set it every night.

Instecho Rug Carpet Alarm Clock

Of all the alarm clocks for deep sleepers you may have come across, this one will likely offer you the most unique features. This alarm has the usual loud sound feature with its offering ranging from between 90 to 120 decibels. It also includes features that allow you to add customization like special songs or motivational mp3s to inspire you in the morning. All you need to do is connect a USB cable and put in songs from your computer.

Now for the interesting feature, this product is designed like a foot mat. That’s not all. When the alarm goes off, you must stand with both feet on the mat for at least 3 seconds for it to go off. This will certainly ensure you are awake and stay so.

So, which of these four do you think will get the job done for you?