When foundations begin to become damaged and basements are flooding, homeowners need to consider their options for having their property waterproofed. These services offer many benefits, including the protection of the property against water damage. This definitive guide is meant to offer everything a homeowner would need to know about home property waterproofing.

Property Waterproofing

What Is Home Property Waterproofing?

Waterproofing services are meant to shield a home’s foundation and basement from water damage. There are different approaches that are available and the one used will depend on the type of foundation that is in place, the soil, and the level of foundation damage being experienced. Homeowners can learn more by visiting www.helitechonline.com.

Before deciding on an option, homeowners need to research as much as possible, so they will be armed with the information they need to make a sound decision. Homeowners also need to be aware of the signs their home may need these services.

Signs a Home Needs Waterproofing

There are multiple signs that can begin to occur when a home needs waterproofing. Ignoring these signs will only make the problem worse and could result in a more expensive repair process. The following are some of the common signs that may be noticed by homeowners.

  • A water-filled basement is one of the most advanced signs a homeowner will notice and this one typically occurs when some of the more minor signs have been ignored for years. When a basement suddenly starts flooding during periods of rain, waterproofing is needed. Wet basements should certainly never be ignored.
  • Mould and mildew growth in the basement are telltale signs there is too much moisture. Mould and mildew growth thrive in dark, moist environments. If a homeowner notices these types of fungi growing in their basement, they need to seek professionals for home waterproofing services.
  • Another sign home needs waterproofing intervention is the musty smells in the basement. This sign is one of the first homeowners will often notice. The musty basement smells can begin to occur well before flooding or even mould and mildew growth.
  • Foundation cracks are another sign of concern that should be addressed in a home that is not waterproofed. Moisture penetration in a basement can lead to costly foundation issues that cause damage throughout the home.
  • Homeowners may also notice their home has issues with increased humidity. Increased humidity in a home should never be ignored because continual damage and problems will begin to arise which can become costly to repair.

It is clear to see that there are many signs that may begin to occur when moisture is a problem in a home. Waterproofing offers many benefits, and it is essential homeowners are aware of these. Understanding the benefits of waterproofing will likely provide more incentive to contact a local provider of Maris liquid waterproofing solutions, who will be able to advise which products will work most effectively with their property and the materials used in its construction.

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Benefits of Home Waterproofing

Home waterproofing services such as basement waterproofing delaware county (or those found elsewhere) offer an extensive list of benefits to homeowners who invest in them. Exploring the following benefits will help homeowners to be aware of the reasons they should seek professionals for these services, in order to properly protect their property.

  1. Having a home waterproofed prevents flooding in the basement which can lead to catastrophic damages. When a basement is fully waterproofed, the foundation is protected against influxes of water that occur during heavy rainfall or flooding conditions.
  2. When homeowners have their basements waterproofed, they add value to their homes. Adding value to a home is important even if the homeowner is not considering selling their property in the near future.
  3. Another benefit of basement waterproofing is a healthier home environment. Too much moisture in the air can lead to mould and mildew growth which can negatively affect a home’s environment. The air quality in the home can be greatly improved with waterproofing services.
  4. Many homeowners are surprised to learn they can lower their heating and cooling costs by seeking these services. When a home is more humid than normal, the HVAC system needs to work up to 15% harder. Saving money on these costs is a big incentive for homeowners.
  5. Homeowners can also benefit by ensuring their home is protected against structural damage. Water seepage often results in significant damage throughout the home, including cracked walls, ceilings, and floors. Sometimes, the damage becomes so pronounced the floors become sloped and the foundation begins to crumble.
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What Can Homeowners Expect?

Knowing what to expect from basement waterproofing services will help homeowners to be able to be prepared. These services should only be carried out by a professional since DIY approaches typically do not work in the long term.

Every wet basement problem is unique and should be treated as such. The professional will first come out and inspect the property to determine where the water is entering and what method of remediation will be most beneficial.

Exterior excavation is often an essential part of waterproofing. The foundation of the home needs to be excavated so the right corrective drainage system can be put in place. Once the foundation has been excavated, a waterproofing material will also be put in place to further ensure water does not enter the home.

Both interior and exterior treatments are more likely to produce the greatest level of protection. Hiring professionals will help to ensure the work is carried out to exact specifications so major damages can be avoided.


If a water-filled basement is your problem, seeking professionals for waterproofing services is essential. With these services, you will be able to protect your home against water damage that can become costly to repair.

The process that is carried out will ensure a barrier is put in place, along with the proper drainage, so water seepage and flooding are put to an immediate stop. These services help to protect your home investment and ensure it will remain structurally solid for many years to come.

Although the process is an involved one, the professionals will take care of every step and work to make sure your home is fully protected against all types of water damage. It is important these services are not delayed.