When you have spent many years enjoying and loving your home, and designing it exactly the way you want it to be, it can be hard to view your home from a new perspective – namely, through the eyes of a potential buyer. It’s important when considering putting your home on the market to view all aspects from a logical and neutral viewpoint, to notice any potential flaws which may be applicable to a new person – even if they aren’t to you.

Add Value To Your Home

Here are just some tips on how best to tackle your home to add value.

Transform Your Outside Space

The option of a garden or useable outdoor living space can often make or break a sale. Even if you have a large space available, some potential buyers will have a hard time imagining how it could look if it’s bland and empty – and will be more swayed by another house with glorious outdoor features.

Investing in a workable outdoor space is worthwhile, even just for yourself to enjoy while you are still living in your home. Creating a better outdoor space doesn’t have to mean becoming an exceptional gardener – it can also mean adding practical features like paths or driveways, which will always be a positive factor for a new buyer who needs a place to park their car.

There are plenty of professional companies who can do this for you without you worrying about doing it yourself – if you’re in the South East of England, for example, landscape design Surrey based experts can offer help with all your outdoor transformation needs.

Invest More in the Practical Rather Than Design

If you believe spending money on expensive furnishings and glamorous paint for the living area means it’s more likely to sell, this could be true – but only if the rest of the house is in working order. If your living space is attractive and perfect, but there is a leaky tap in the bathroom or problems with plumbing, ultimately it’s these problems which will prevent it from selling.

It is much better to spend money on fixing small problems and sticking to a neutral, cheap, and cheerful décor if you do want to re-paint the rooms. Neutral and clean décor is also attractive to potential buyers, as it offers a blank canvas for them – and white or magnolia paint is a lot cheaper than exotic colours.

Consider a Loft Conversion

This may be seen as a pricey option, but if you have the time and money to do it, it will add a significant amount of value and appeal. Converting this space means you add an extra room, meaning a three bedroomed house can now be marketed as a four bedroomed house, for example. Or, if used for suitable storage, this is a design aspect which most people require, especially large families.

It doesn’t have to be fully decorated or furnished – just a working conversion with floors, windows, and a fresh coat of paint with ample room.