Home staging is fast becoming the best way to sell a home in record time. You want buyers to see your home at its best, which is where home staging comes in helpful. There are professional home stagers who will do the job for you, but why pay a premium when you can take their tips on board and do just as good a job?

Home Staging Tips

De-clutter Your Home

The first – and most important – tip is to remove all clutter. Go through every room and clear away anything that doesn’t need to be on display or looks messy. This can be anything from paperwork, discarded shoes, toys, or excessive numbers of ornaments.

In the case of books and ornaments, pack them away and only leave a minimal number on your shelves. Everything else can be placed in cupboards, drawers, or in the garage out of sight. The aim is to make your home feel spacious and minimalist. You want buyers to look around and be able to picture their things in your space. This isn’t going to happen if there are hundreds of creepy dolls in glass cabinets drawing the buyer’s eye away from your scenic views and polished parquet floor.

Clean Up

This next tip is essential. Clean your house within an inch of its life. Clean floors and polished surfaces are not optional. If the floor is stained or there are marks on the walls, buy a rug or give the wall a lick of paint to freshen it up.

Make sure there is freshly laundered bedding on all the beds, fluffy towels in the bathroom, and no nasty aromas emanating from the toilet. Open the windows, remove all traces of pets, including their litter boxes and smelly beds, and spray some air freshener around.

Create the Ideal Home

It is a good idea to depersonalize your home before you invite buyers to come and look round. Too many personal possessions can be off-putting. Pack away family photos and vacation memorabilia. Your home shouldn’t be bland, but nor should it be too personal.

If the walls look a bit bare, invest in some nice artwork to brighten it up. A few carefully chosen paintings from Fine Art America will lift your rooms and make them more attractive. Avoid choosing anything too niche. Instead, look for artwork that fits the property. For example, a contemporary home needs contemporary artwork whereas a traditional landscape would be more suited to a classic colonial home.

Bright and Warm

Turn lights on and make sure every room is well-lit, especially if it dark outside. Depending on the season, pay attention to how warm and cozy your home is. If it’s snowing outside, light the fire and turn the heating on. Fireplaces always look better with a warm, comforting fire burning away, but if it is too warm outside for a fire, light some candles to create ambiance instead.

Many professional home stagers recommend that you have background music playing, ideally something low-key like classical music. This helps buyers to relax and encourages them to stay longer. You could also try brewing freshly ground coffee or baking a cake.